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Sipping T.E.A. with the VP


Sipping T.E.A. with ULM’s Student Affairs Vice President, typically shortened to Sipping T.E.A. with the VP, is a coalition brought to campus by the University of Louisiana Monroe’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Valerie Fields. The acronym T.E.A. stands for Transformational Empowering Alliance. The purpose of this collaboration is to help students come together and make true changes on campus. Through spotlighting important events, topics, and people on campus and the community, Sipping T.E.A. with the VP’s aim is to help bridge gaps and unify the campus as a whole.



Calendar of Events

3:00 PM at Starbucks

October 21st 

November 18th

January 20th

February 17th

March 17th

Sipping T.E.A. takes place every 3rd Thursday of the Month

Podcast Episodes

Episode 2- Your Personal Brand Pt. 2 

Featuring Women's basketball coach Brooks Williams, Dean of School of Business and Social Sciences Michelle McEacharn, Zaria Tubbs, Miss ULM contestant Kiauna Rollins, Career Center Director Kristin Chandler, Office of Student Accountability and Advocacy Director Meghan Olinger, and ULM athlete Jada Anderson. 


Episode 1- Your Personal Brand