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Testing Accommodations Policies and Procedures


The Counseling Center provides testing accommodations for students with special needs in cooperation with each instructor. These alternative testing services are available between hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Friday.  The Counseling Center provides testing accommodations (extended time, readers, scribes, computer use, large-printed, and minimal distraction environment) for ULM students who have documented disabilities, are eligible for testing accommodations and are registered through the Counseling Center.


The Counseling Center strongly encourages faculty to provide testing accommodations within their own departments. When testing accommodations cannot be provided by the instructor, the Counseling Center provides the service as a convenience for faculty and students. If the student and their instructor decide to coordinate testing accommodations without assistance from the Counseling Center, there is no need to complete the Test Accommodations Request Form.


Test Accommodation Process

The Counseling Center is committed to providing a secure and conducive testing environment for students and faculty. All tests are proctored. Tests are secured in a locked file cabinet. Also, all students must have on file, in the Counseling Center, a signed Contract Agreement for Testing Accommodations.


The student must turn in a completed Test Accommodation Request Form for every exam administered by the Counseling Center. The form can be downloaded from the Counseling Center website or can be obtained from the Counseling Center. Students may take as many forms from the Center as needed. The student completes Part I of the Test Accommodations Request Form and submits it to their instructor during their office time at least one week before the scheduled test. The instructor is responsible for completing Part II of the form. In collaboration with the student, the faculty member determines a test date and time and any approved test aids (calculator, periodic tables, texts, notes, etc.) that can be used during the testing session. If a scantron or blue books are required, they should be included with the test or supplied by the student. These items are not available in the Counseling Center. THE STUDENT MUST PRESENT THE COMPLETED TEST ACCOMMODATIONS REQUEST FORM TO THE COUNSELING CENTER AT LEAST THREE DAYS BEFORE THE DESIRED TESTING SESSION. On test day, the student must be prepared to present their ULM student ID or another photo identification card.


Faculty members are encouraged to deliver the test at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled testing session. Tests can be delivered to the Counseling Center through personal delivery by the instructor, campus mail, fax (318-342-5228), or email.


Completed tests are returned in sealed envelopes, via courier, to the appropriate department. The test must be signed by the appropriate department representative before release. Faculty may personally pick up tests if they prefer. This preference should be noted on the Test Accommodation Request Form.  


Testing Accommodation Guidelines

           Your instructor may choose to follow the ULM Cheating and Plagiarism policy as listed in the ULM Student Policy Manual.