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ADMISSION PHILOSOPHY: Admissions to the ULM Dental Hygiene Program is competitive. The Admissions and Academic Standards Committee is charged with reviewing the applicants and accepting those who possess the best credentials. The committee attempts to select the best possible students based on the criteria set forth.


Two major areas are considered in the admissions process:

1. Academic Ability: ULM considers dental hygiene to be a profession with a strong scientific basis. Students entering this educational program must possess a strong background in science as well as the ability to build on this existing base.

  • Overall Corrected GPA: This numeric factor is calculated using the highest grade achieved in pre-requisite courses.
  • Science GPA: Calculated using all of the required science pre-requisites.
  • ACT: Only the science score will be used.
  • ATDH: Recommended score of 300 or better.



2. Personal and other attributes: Dental Hygiene requires excellent “people skills”. Applicants must possess and demonstrate the ability to communicate both in written and verbal communication skills. The competent dental hygienist provides care using the highest professional knowledge, judgement and ethical standards.

In addition, those interested in a career in dental hygiene should determine whether or not they possess maturity, commitment, and flexibility required to complete the curriculum and succeed in this profession.

Managing stress and the possession of high ethical standards are considered to be desirable qualities. These criteria are assessed by:

  • Personal interview: An applicant who meets all of the admission requirements will be granted a personal interview with the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee

  • Dental experience: Although not necessary to apply, DH 1001 is offered as an elective and experience in a dental setting is strongly encouraged to enhance the applicant’s understanding of dental responsibilities