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Welcome to Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Program!

This message is for those of you who just got admitted to the ULM Ed.D. Program.

Greetings! Congratulations on your admission to our Ed.D. program!

I will be your advisor until you complete your coursework. After that, your Committee including a Major Professor and three committee members will be formed.

I am writing to formally welcome you to the program and to give you some important information on setting up your myULM account as well as to get you registered. This email contains a great deal of important information, so please be sure to read carefully.

As you know, the program is 100% online, and the courses you take will be administered via the online course software Moodle. If you go to https://webapps.ulm.edu/myulm/myulm_accountlookup and enter the student's CWID that was provided by the ULM Graduate School, you can get the Warhawks email address once it is assigned. It takes about a day after the Graduate School admits a new student. Once you receive the email, wait for one or two days, then go to the Website. Then you will be able to get your Warhawks email address.

After you do that mentioned above, try to login to your ULM account with your username, which is the first part of your ULM email address, and password, the six digits of your birthday. If you can't figure it out, go to the ULM homepage, http://ulm.edu/ - Click "my ULM" on the top right - Click "Help" on the right top. That Help page will help you login and navigate myULM. 

Please click this link to see the Program Handbook. This Handbook can be also found in our doctoral program Moodle site. Please read this from cover to cover as soon as possible. When you have time after enrolling, you can begin to review this packet to become familiar with the software in time. Once your Moodle account is set up and you have logged in for the first time, please email me so that I can add you in our program Moodle site. Then you can get all the program info from the Moodle site.


Registration for Class(es)

The suggested max course number per term is two. The following course carousels are the suggestions for each of you to take based on the admitted term:

 Course carousel for students admitted in:
 2018      Summer  Fall 1  Fall 2
 2019  Spring 1  Spring 2  Summer  Fall 1  Fall 2
 2020  Spring 1  Spring 2  Summer  Fall 1  Fall 2
 2021  Spring 1  Spring 2  Summer  Fall 1  Fall 2
 2022  Spring 1  Spring 2  Summer  Fall 1  Fall 2
 2023  Spring 1  Spring 2  Summer  Fall 1  Fall 2
    2024     Spring 1  Spring 2  Summer    Fall 1      Fall 2  
Overall Carousel: Click here to dowload the Overall Course Carousel that has all the courses offered in each term.


Please take a look at this link of Plan of Study. At this point, you do not have to send me the form, but this plan shows you all the courses that you will need to take. Once you take all the courses later, you will need to send the form with all the grades typed and your signature in the future.

In order to be advised to register course(s), please contact me by email, kim@ulm.edu. Then, I will send you the Advisement Form for you to fill out.

Again, I am very excited about having you join us; I am looking forward to working with you!





Kioh Kim, Ph.D.
Director, Doctoral Program (Ed.D.)
School of Education
University of Louisiana at Monroe

(318) 342-1277