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CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

The creation of the 2016 Teacher Preparation Data Dashboards and Teacher Preparation Program Fact Book are two endeavors that are being voluntarily implemented to address the need to provide the public with access to outcome data about teacher preparation programs in Louisiana. The Teacher Preparation Data Dashboards provide a short summary of relevant data about individual teacher preparation programs in Louisiana. The Teacher Preparation Program Fact Book provides listings of data found in the individual data dashboards plus additional contextual data. The data below is sourced from the Louisiana Board of Regents.

Impact on P-12 learning and development and indicators of teaching effectiveness

The ULM School of Education utilizes data to determine the level of satisfaction of employers of graduates. The information on the Educator Workforce Reports is compiled, analyzed and distributed by the Louisiana Department of Education. The Employer surveys are conducted by the ULM School of Education.

Satisfaction of employers and employment milestones and ability of completers to be hired in education positions for which they have prepared (initial and advanced levels)

The ULM School of Education administers surveys to determine the level of satisfaction of completers (graduates) of our programs. The survey data can be viewed below.

Satisfaction of graduates

Graduation rate data is available via the link below. This data is based on students enrolling or entering the Teacher Preparation Programs within the ULM School of Education. For undergraduate programs, students are admitted to the Teacher Education Program at the end of their sophomore or beginning of their junior year. Graduate students are admitted post-baccalaureate. All completers of initial and advanced programs, through program requirements, meet licensing requirements set forth by the Louisiana Department of Education and graduate from their respective programs certified in the roles in which they have been prepared.

Graduation rates (initial and advance)

Each year, the School of Education completes a federal report per the Title II Higher Education act. This report includes data that is collected annually which details the performance of Teacher Preparation Programs. Below are the three most recent Title II reports which provide data regarding the types of programs, program requirements, enrollment, the types of teachers prepared, completer (graduate) ability to meet licensing and other state requirements, annual goals, assessment pass rates and other information regarding the programs.

Ability of completers to meet licensing (certification) and any additional state requirements; Title II (initial and advanced levels)

There are additional data that is provided by ETS demonstrating the performance of test takers on Content Knowledge Exams. These exams must be passed by students in the Teacher Preparation Programs before they can graduate. Below are data pertaining to the Content Exams taken by students who have indicated they are attending ULM, with comparisons to state and national test takers.

The School of Education has started carefully monitoring the Stafford loan default rates for its completers (graduates). The ULM Office of Financial Aid Services also has information regarding loans, including loan default.

Student loan default rates and other consumer information