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Mathematics is the language of the sciences.

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The Mathematics Program is committed to providing outstanding mathematics education to all of ULM’s students.

Building from a solid foundation of dedicated faculty, the program provides a top quality mathematics curriculum incorporating contemporary educational technology as well as innovative teaching strategies. Along with the essential quantitative skills, all levels of the curriculum will develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

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News & Bulletins

High School Mathematics Competition Math

Richland Parish Teacher of the Year names Mrs. Amanda Carter and Dr. Faisal Kaleem as inspirations.

N.Y. Times bestselling author spoke at ULM mathematics mini-conference.

ULM was ranked in the top ten of nationally of elementary education in mathematics.

Our graduates

A Bachelor of Sciences in Mathematics transcends careers fields ranging from business to the medical sciences. Our mathematics graduates find career opportunities in the fields of biostatistics, operations research, actuarial science, and numerical computing.

Mathematics graduates with concentration in Mathematics Education is in high demand from school districts, local and afar, with a wide range of salary. Due to the fact that there is such high demand for qualified math and science teachers, usually the salary is a much higher range than other disciplines.