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The Department of Mathematics Online Course Testing Policy.


There will be a midterm exam and final exam which will count for a significant portion of the student’s course grade. Only the midterm and final exams must be taken at ULM or at a pre-approved testing center.

    1. A picture ID (ULM ID or driver’s license);
    2. Required course materials, including any online credentials required for access to testing materials.    
    3. A pencil or pen (no writing utensils will be provided; however, scratch paper will be provided because you may not use any paper of your own);
    4. Your calculator, if it is allowed by your instructor: If you are allowed to use a calculator, the only calculator that may be used is the TI-30XIIS or TI-30XIIB. No calculators will be provided.
    1. a testing center at a university or community college;
    2. a Sylvan Learning Center;
    3. a testing center from the National College Testing Association Consortium of College Testing Centers (http://www.ncta-testing.org/about-cctc).

If your test requires access to a computer, you must either use a computer at the testing site or take your laptop computer to the testing center. If your test requires access to a computer, your testing center must have internet access. Listed below is information regarding having a proctor that you MUST email to your instructor no later than two weeks prior to the exam. 

(Please number your responses as numbered below.)

    1. Name of testing site;
    2. Name and title/position of proctor;
    3. A phone number at which the proctor can be reached;
    4. An email address for the proctor;
    5. Date and time requested for the exam.