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ULM communication professor to present seminar in France

Published February 14, 2014

Dr. Mara Loeb, associate professor of communication at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, was selected to present a seminar at Pôle Universitaire Léonard De Vinci International (PULV) in Paris, France.

The presentation will take place during PULV’s International Week, next month. Loeb’s course, titled “Intercultural Business Communication,” is designed to bring awareness to the importance of the differences and similarities between cultures, and the range of expectations for successful business encounters.


Loeb commented, “The influence of individual cultures on communication in general, and business in particular, can mean the difference between an open door or a perceived slap in the face.”

Loeb submitted the course proposal to the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences last December. After review, it was sent to PULV by ULM’s university panel.

The Dean of the College of Arts, Education & Sciences, Dr. Sandra Lemoine, said, “Mastery of assertive communication among cultures is paramount as globalization continues to expand.”

Students and faculty from PULV schools will attend the conferences lead by scholars from


Louisiana, Canada, and seven European counties.

“This is great opportunity to showcase to the world the outstanding quality of our faculty members,” said Lemoine.

ULM hosts students from PULV regularly. Loeb said, “This time, I look forward to representing ULM in France.”

PULV’s programs focus on international business, engineering, and new media.