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ULM professor’s script hits the screen

Published May 16, 2014

By: Ashley Lyons

It’s lights, camera and action for Christopher Mapp--a University of Louisiana at Monroe assistant professor of communication--as a short screenplay he wrote went into production one month ago.

The short film, titled “The Do-Over,” is shot on location in Los Angeles, Calif., and is being produced by Hollywood Casting and Film. It is currently in post-production.

The story is about a woman, Lori, who is learning to live again after a bad marriage. At a party, she runs into the divorce attorney, Simon, who represented her husband. She is convinced that to heal, she must confront Simon about how he portrayed her in court.

Simon has his own emotional baggage that teaches Lori that life and love are not always black and white.


“It sounds pretty dark, but it’s got some funny moments, too. And it ends on an uplifting note. The actors get to show a wide range of emotions,” said Mapp.

Last December, about 200 actors auditioned in Hollywood for the six speaking roles in the film. Mapp was able to watch their performances online and give the producers input.

“I was blown away by the level of professionalism. The actors who eventually got the roles really brought the characters to life. That was a real thrill to see,” Mapp said.

Vinay Bhagat, founder of Hollywood Casting and Film, said there was something about Mapp’s story that connected with the actors in Hollywood and they “had a record number of actors audition for the film.”

“Chris is one of a handful of writers that can write a compelling story in a short film format,” said Bhagat. “We had a wonderful time bringing the script to life." 

The film stars Lili Wexu and Peter Bonilla as Lori and Simon. Wexu is an established voice-over actress from Canada with screen credits that include “Aliens versus Predator: Requiem.”

Cristen Irene will play the second female lead. Irene has had roles in television shows such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “Criminal Minds.” The film also stars Jules Hartley, Matthew Pohlkamp, Edwin Kho, and was directed by Kristian Van Der Heyden.

“The Do-Over” is a Screen Actor’s Guild credited production and will be entered into film festivals this summer.
Mapp is a member of Hollywood Casting and Film’s advisory board and has a second script, “Aisle 6,” in pre-production with the company.

Mapp is the adviser of The Hawkeye and is offering a script writing course over the summer.

Note: This story originally appeared in the April 28 edition of the ULM student Newspaper, The Hawkeye.