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Rad Tech faculty, students attend 2016 LSRT Mid-Winter Seminar

Published April 6, 2016

MONROE, La. — The ULM Department of Radiologic Technology attended the Louisiana Society of Radiologic Technologists (LSRT) 2016 Mid-Winter Seminar on Feb. 27th at Louisiana State University in Alexandria.

Approximately 250 radiologic technologists and student technologists attended the seminar which consisted of student and technologist lectures, educational workshops and student competitions. 

Brett Bennett, ULM Radiologic Technology Department Head, currently serves as the Executive Secretary of Finance. Bennett presented a lecture titled “Equipment Maintenance and Operation.”

Dr. Andy Allen, Department of Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator, currently serves as Chairman of the Marketing and Advertising Taskforce of the LSRT. Dr. Allen presented a lecture titled “Review of Patient Care.”

Lacy Davis, Department of Radiologic Technology, presented a lecture titled “Current Profession Trends and Advocacy Issues.”

The presence of ULM was also enhanced by the participation of its 45 professional students. Students attended general education lectures and ARRT Registry Review lectures, as well as the LSRT Student Advisory Council meeting and Student Bee Competition.

Radiologic Technology Junior student Randy DeArmond was elected Chair of the LSRT Student Advisory Council, and Junior student Shelby Nicholson was elected as the Vice Chair. 

Junior Radiologic Technology students also took the top two rankings in the Student Bee Competition with Ikia Celestine in 1st place and Darashai Brock in a close 2nd.

“State Societies around the country are struggling with membership because of the apathy of current radiographers, so the ULM Radiologic Technology program is trying to expose our professional students to the society to see the benefits of continuing education, networking, and collaboration,” said Bennett.” It also gives the students an opportunity to compete against students from other programs. I am proud of the contributions of the ULM Radiologic Technology faculty members and students.”