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European summer: ULM Catalyst students study art abroad

Published August 24, 2018

During the 2018 summer sessions, University of Louisiana Monroe Professor of Art Dr. Joni Noble once again offered two art/photography courses in Europe through ULM’s consortium partner the University of West Florida in Pensacola.

The Catalyst Program is available to any university student, and provides six hours of university transfer credit to participants. The study in London, Paris, Berlin and Prague coincides with ULM’s first summer session, making it a perfect fit for ULM students wishing a study abroad experience. 

The Catalyst this year began on May 15 and lasted for five weeks. In addition to Noble’s art/photography course, the program offers courses in International Business, History, Psychology, Sociology, Literature and Current Political Events. 

The Catalyst Program, now entering its fifth year, is organized by the University of West Florida through an academic consortium of 14 colleges and universities located throughout the United States. The purpose of the consortium is to promote a more profound understanding of European history, culture and society among students and faculty through scholarly and educational activities.

As participants in The Catalyst Program, ULM students also have ample opportunity for independent travel around Europe. In recent years, students have made their way to Dublin, Prague, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Munich, Krakow, Edinburgh, Venice, Athens, Rome, Florence, and Amsterdam. Students are given a full week of free travel time to backpack across Europe.

ULM students participating in this year’s Catalyst Program were Min J. Kim, Kimberly Tran, Darrell Smith, Tiffany Pruitt, Asja Jordan, and Kylie Daigle.  

Studying and touring in Europe this summer as part of the Catalyst Program were ULM students Asja Jordan, Min Jee Kim, Kylie Daigle, Professor Dr. Joni Noble, Darrell Smith and Kimberly Tran. (Not pictured is Tiffany Pruitt.) Courtesy photo

For funding availability information, students should contact ULM’s Office of International Education. Complete information about the Catalyst Program, The British Studies Program, and The Village can be obtained from Dr. Joni Noble at noble@ulm.edu or 342-1383.