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ULM Mentorship Program seeks volunteers to mentor students

Published September 5, 2018

The Office of Career Connections at the University of Louisiana Monroe is seeking adults to work with students in the ULM Mentorship Program.

The mentor is a volunteer who helps a ULM student, the "mentee," with their career exploration, life skills development, and networking opportunities. The focus is on learning the skills necessary in their careers. 

The two primary functions of the mentor are to provide career support and psychosocial support to mentees. The quality of the mentoring relationship is driven by the mentee. The mentee has an essential and active role to facilitate the professional relationship. The program is from Sept. 24, 2018 to May 3, 2019.

Career support 
  • Exposure/visibility — When possible, offer your mentee opportunities to meet other career professionals in an effort to help them grow their network.
  • Coach — Provide insight on effective strategies used to accomplish tasks associated with achieving career goals while also sharing important issues and challenges in your mentee's career field and the workforce.
  • Challenge — Require your mentee to set goals and develop a plan of action to attain them. Help your mentee identify areas for development through self-reflection.
Psychosocial support
  • Role model — Provide an admirable attitude as well as admirable values and behaviors to be instilled into your mentee.
  • Confirmation — Both you and your mentee will gain a sense of assurance from positive interactions with the other.
  • Counselor — Your role is to not serve as a mental health counselor or academic advisor, but rather someone who provides feedback that supports your mentees confidence, self-esteem, professional and personal goals, soft skills, academic and career resilience, and accountability.

Those interested in becoming mentors may complete a mentor application. More information is on the Career Connections/ULM Mentorship webpage, https://www.ulm.edu/careerconnections/ulmmentorship.html

Mentor applications are due by 5 p.m. Monday, Sept. 10. Mandatory orientation is 5:30-7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 18. For more information about this program, contact Kristin Chandler at 318-342-1144 or morris@ulm.edu.