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Laird Weems Center ribbon cutting Friday, Oct. 19

Published Oct. 10, 2018

laird weems center
Laird Weems Center

The  Laird Weems Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is 10:30 a.m., Friday, October 19, 2018, at 4400 Bon Aire Drive at the University of Louisiana Monroe.

WHAT: Ribbon cutting for Laird Weems Center
WHEN: 10:30 a.m., Friday, October 19, 2018
WHERE: 4400 Bon Aire Drive, ULM
INFO: Laird Weems Center, 342-3636

The Laird Weems Center is the new home of the ULM Foundation and Alumni Association team.  The team includes:  Susan Chappell, Executive Director of ULM Foundation & Alumni Relations; Melissa Kiper, Director of Alumni Affairs; Jenny Pankey, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs; Cindy Foust, Coordinator of Alumni Operations; Morgan Morgan, Allen Otts, and Heather Bryan, Development Officers; Amanda Jett, Coordinator of Advancement Operations; Lana Ambrose, CFO; Joel Foret, Senior Accountant; Shaneeka Millicks, Accountant; Roxanne Smith, Information Systems and Social Media Manager; and Lynnetta Whitehurst, Gifts Processor.

Adams Rodgers, President of the ULM Alumni Association Board of Trustees, will give the welcome and recognition of dignitaries. Rodgers will talk about the legacy of Billy Laird and Don Weems and the Association’s commitment to continuing their vision.

ULM President Nick J. Bruno will offer his remarks during the ceremony.

Special guest Dewanda Weems will speak on behalf of both the Weems and Laird families.

Susan Hoffmann, President of the ULM Foundation Board of Trustees, will introduce the team and give special recognition of appreciation. 

“This is the perfect venue to present the future of ULM to friends of our university,” shares Hoffmann.