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ULM launches tool to match students with 10 unique majors

Published June 14, 2022

A ULM student takes an assessment quiz on a computer to discover his top 10 majors.

University of Louisiana Monroe leaders are hoping a new digital tool will help prospective and current students choose their major with more confidence, leading to increased enrollment and retention.

MyMajors is an assessment quiz which connects students with a personalized list of 10 ULM programs of study based on their natural strengths, talents and passions.

“My hope is this tool will help students make an informed decision about what major to pursue. Often a student may feel pressured to study one field, when in fact they may be better suited for another. Once the assessment is complete, students will be provided a list of 10 majors that might be good options for them—most likely, students may not have known some of these majors existed,” said ULM President Dr. Ron Berry.

The MyMajors algorithm could match students with well-known programs like Pharmacy or Nursing, but it could also introduce students to unique majors like Risk Management and Insurance, Medical Laboratory Science, Toxicology, or Atmospheric Science.

“A lot of our students are undecided on a major when they go to college. That’s normal,” said Trey Wilson, ULM director of digital recruitment and analytics. “When those students take the MyMajors assessment quiz, their initial program choice could be confirmed in the test results, which will give them assurance to move forward with that major. Or, they could learn about a major they never heard of before.”

Wilson hopes MyMajors will increase retention at ULM.

“We don’t want students to waste their time, energy or money by switching their major multiple times. That’s why tools like MyMajors are so important. It’s my goal that as many students as possible graduate as quickly as possible with the degree path they started,” he said.

MyMajors is a free assessment tool open to high school students, current ULM students and all community members interested in higher education. Everyone is encouraged to complete the quiz to receive their Top 10 Majors report at ulm.mymajors.com.

About MyMajors

MyMajors is a student engagement platform that guides students to their major and career pathway.  By helping students explore, affirm, and discover multiple pathways on campus, students are more likely to commit to their future campus and complete their degree.  The proprietary technology is backed by the National Science Foundation and recognized as a high-impact practice by Complete College America. MyMajors customizes each program for college and university partners based on their programs, processes, and philosophies to student success.