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ULM awards degrees to 808 summer and fall 2022 graduates

Published December 14, 2022

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MONROE, LA – University of Louisiana Monroe President Dr. Ronald Berry awarded degrees to 808 graduates at the 2022 summer and fall commencement ceremonies on Dec. 10. Two ceremonies were held for the four colleges, Arts, Education, and Sciences, Business and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Pharmacy, plus the Graduate School.  

Summer 2022 

Completing their degrees in summer 2022 were 171 students. 14 doctoral degrees were awarded and one Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The graduates per college included 38 in Arts, Education, and Sciences, 30 in Business and Social Sciences, 15 in Health Sciences, nine in Pharmacy, and 79 in the Graduate School.  

There were 18 Distinguished Graduates earning bachelor’s and doctoral degrees: one Summa Cum Laude, two Magna Cum Laude, and 12 Cum Laude. One associate degree recipient earned University-level High Honors. 

The top summer graduate with a 3.986 cumulative GPA was Alissa Nicole Trinidad Diaz.  

The degrees for summer 2022 graduates were officially conferred on August 4. 

Fall 2022 

A total of 637 students earned degrees. One student earned multiple degrees, and 13 doctoral degrees were awarded. Three students were Honors Program graduates. 

Degrees awarded by college include 102 in Arts, Education, and Sciences, 146 in Business and Social Sciences, 141 in Health Sciences, 58 in Pharmacy, and 191 in the Graduate School. 

There were 107 Distinguished Graduates; 11 Summa Cum Laude, 37 Magna Cum Laude, and 59 Cum Laude. University-level Honor Graduates for associate degrees included six High Honors and 10 Honors. 

The top fall graduate with a 4.0 cumulative GPA was Michael Ethan Swanner. 

The degrees for fall 2022 graduates were officially conferred on December 14. 

Summer and Fall 2022 Graduates 

Students receiving Baccalaureate and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees were awarded Latin honors in accordance with the following guidelines: 

(*) Cum Laude: a cumulative grade point average (GPA) is within the range of 3.500 through 3.749. 

(†) Magna Cum Laude: a cumulative GPA is within the range of 3.750 through 3.899. 

(‡) Summa Cum Laude: a cumulative GPA is within the range of 3.900 through 4.000. 

(^) Honors — associate degree candidates with a cumulative GPA is within the range of 3.500 through 3.799 

(~) High Honors — associate degree candidates with a cumulative GPA is within the range of 3.800 through 4.000 

For any errors or omissions, please consult the Office of Marketing & Communication Academic List Page. 


Charissa A. Aalgaard, Master of Education Keanna M. Kimble, Bachelor of Science‡
Justin R. Acklin, Bachelor of Business Admin Kaylee King, Associate of Science^
AveryAnna M. Adams, Associate of Science  LaKetha R. King, Bachelor of General Studies
Charles A. Adams, Master of Business Admin Madisyn K. King, Bachelor of Arts
Raymond Adams, Master of Music Education Rachal A. Kinsey, Master in Occupational Therapy
Stacy L. Adcock, Bachelor of General Studies Jamie B. Knight, Master of Education
Nicole C. AhMu, Bachelor of Science Makayla P. Knox, Bachelor of Arts†
Fayek H. Ahmed, Associate of General Studies Kelly Korfias, Master of Science
Ryan S. Ailshie, Bachelor of Science in Nursing LeighAnn P. LaCour, Bachelor of Arts
Mohammad Shohel Akhter, Doctor of Philosophy Haven D. LaDart, Bachelor of Science†
Abraham Alce, Bachelor of General Studies Arielle Q. Lain, Bachelor of Arts
Nayef Aldabaan, Doctor of Philosophy Mark D. Lambert, Master of Education
Elise R. Alford, Bachelor of Science Stephen Lambert, Bachelor of General Studies
Alyssa B. Allen, Bachelor of Business Admin Gabrielle H. Lambourg Sanchez, Bachelor of Arts
Kaycie Allen, Master of Science Melena A. Lamotte, Bachelor of General Studies
RaeAnn M. Allen, Bachelor of Science Adam J. Landry, Master of Education
Brenna M. Alley, Master of Education Melinda D. Landry, Associate of Science
Austin R. Allred, Bachelor of Science Laurie E. Lassalle, Bachelor of Arts
Tajh Alston, Master of Science Leslie K. Lasseigne, Bachelor of Science*
John W. Anders, Master of Education Maria C. Lauer, Master in Occupational Therapy
Rebecca D. Anders, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Eva Lauret, Bachelor of General Studies
Courtney W. Anderson, Bachelor of Arts Keysa Lawrence, Master of Arts
Lameisha D. Anderson, Bachelor of Arts Kirktongya R. Lawson, Master of Education
Katherine R. Antley, Bachelor of Business Admin Dung H. Le, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Md R. Anwar, Doctor of Philosophy Beau LeBlanc, Bachelor of Science*
Margaryta Apalkova, Master of Science Dylan J. LeBoeuf, Bachelor of Science*
Camille Arant, Associate of Science Elise M. LeBoeuf, Doctor of Education
Hannah A. Arceneaux, Bachelor of Arts Gabrielle E. LeJeune, Master of Education
Yvette Arceneaux, Associate of General Studies Sarah E. Leary, Bachelor of Science*
Rachel Y. Armstrong, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Jakobe A. Lecoq, Bachelor of Science*
Kaitlin N. Arnett, Master of Business Admin Danielle R. Lee, Master in Occupational Therapy
Callie B. Arnold, Bachelor of Arts Lisa Lee, Bachelor of Science
Bryson C. Atkins, Master of Arts Loy C. Leffingwell, Master of Business Admin
Kevin C. Atkinson, Bachelor of Business Admin† Kennedy A. Lemoine, Bachelor of Science
Hanna Atsedewoin, Bachelor of Music† Michelle B. Lemoine, Master of Education
Kari B. Avant, Bachelor of Science* Aubrey L. Leonards, Bachelor of Science†
Allison C. Aymond, Bachelor of Science† Laurel Leveritt, Bachelor of Science
Rashonda R. Azore, Associate of Science Owen D. Lewandowski, Master of Science
Labeeba Baba-Ahmed, Doctor of Education Gabriel L. Lewis, Bachelor of Science
Ashton L. Babcock, Associate of Science Andrea Lezama, Master of Science
Kirk Babineaux, Bachelor of Business Admin Stephanie D. Licko, Master of Science
Hala K. Badwy, Bachelor of Arts* Trey T. Lindsay, Bachelor of Business Admin
Creek K. Baham, Bachelor of Science† Avion Lindsey, Master of Science
Courtney S. Bailey, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Lila B. Lingefelt, Bachelor of Business Admin
Landon K. Bailey, Bachelor of Arts Amber Linss, Master of Education
Travis L. Ballard, Bachelor of Science Aaron D. Lips, Master of Education
Genevieve E. Banner, Master of Education Alisha A. Lirette, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Analuisa V. Barber, Bachelor of Arts Bria T. Lockett, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jaiya C. Barnes, Bachelor of Arts Brianni R. Lockett, Bachelor of Science
Claudia D. Barnett, Associate of Science Blake T. Lodes, Master of Science
Saydee A. Barr, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Kaitlyn S. Lodge, Bachelor of Arts*
Christopher D. Barton, Bachelor of Business Admin Landon J. Lofton, Bachelor of Arts
Swastika Basnet, Bachelor of Business Admin† Ali N. Long, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Cameron J. Bass, Bachelor of Science* Lindsay Long, Bachelor of General Studies
Megan Bass, Bachelor of Science* Marie Looney, Master of Music Education
Leanne Bath, Master in Occupational Therapy Katelyn D. Lorio, Master of Education
Brooke E. BeDoit, Bachelor of Arts‡ Lora J. Lott, Bachelor of Science
Kierra Beatty, Master of Science Ashley A. Luck, Bachelor of Science*
Michaela S. Beavers, Bachelor of Science† Paul Lukinovich, Bachelor of Science†
Kellie L. Belgard, Bachelor of Science Dana Lux, Master of Music Education
Bobby L. Bell, Bachelor of Science Jadah S. Lyons, Bachelor of Science
Kimberly B. Bellelo, Master of Education Diondrea Mims, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jamarya Bennett, Master of Science Jenna Mackey, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Lauryn M. Bennett, Bachelor of Science* Megan E. Madden, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Colby J. Benson, Bachelor of Science Malynda K. Magee, Associate of Science^
Emilee Bergeron, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Tysha M. Magee, Master of Science
Cory Bernard, Bachelor of Arts Wess A. Magee, Master in Occupational Therapy
Daphne N. Berry, Master of Science Marcy G. Mahler, Master of Education
Katherine M. Bertogli, Master of Education Hieu C. Mai, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Rae L. Best, Associate of General Studies Donnisha Mansfield, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Anjeela Bhattarai, Master of Arts Noah Manuel, Bachelor of Science†
Khaggeswar Bheemanapally, Doctor of Philosophy Brandi N. Marcantel, Master of Education
Jacquez R. Biddings, Bachelor of Science Mary E. Marshall, Bachelor of Science
Connor J. Biglane, Bachelor of Science Hannah N. Martar, Bachelor of General Studies
Braylon D. Bignar, Associate of General Studies Courtney Marten, Bachelor of Science
Alyssa E. Billings, Bachelor of Arts Casi E. Martin, Master in Occupational Therapy
Harmoni A. Bingham, Bachelor of Business Admin Jennifer Martinez, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Hally A. Black, Associate of Science~ Johnny Matherne, Bachelor of Arts
Kimberly Blackledge, Master of Education Malorie K. Maturin, Bachelor of Arts
Brooklyn Blackwell, Bachelor of Science† Whitney Maxwell, Master of Education
Cathryn F. Blanche, Bachelor of General Studies† Stephen A. Mayeux, Bachelor of Science
Amanda Blanco, Master of Public Admin James Mazza, Master of Science
Courtney M. Bloodsaw, Master of Arts Auntresse D. McClay, Master of Education
Kele Bole, Master in Occupational Therapy Elizabeth McClung, Bachelor of General Studies*
Brittany E. Bolton, Master of Education Sydney M. McCollough, Bachelor of Science*
Angelle R. Bonin, Bachelor of Science* Charity K. McCoy, Master of Education
Marli B. Bonnette, Bachelor of Science Evan S. McCurry, Bachelor of Business Admin
Marla L. Book, Bachelor of Arts William C. McDonald, Bachelor of Arts
Audry C. Borders, Bachelor of Arts Conor P. McDuffie, Bachelor of Business Admin†
Cherra S. Boston, Master of Science in Nursing Kelsie J. McFarland, Associate of Science^
Angelle M. Boudreaux, Bachelor of Science* Eliza J. McGuffee, Bachelor of Science*
Danielle F. Boudreaux, Master of Education Sierra P. McKee, Bachelor of Science
John C. Bowman, Bachelor of Science John O. McKeel, Master of Public Admin
Aaron J. Boyette, Bachelor of Arts* Alyssa C. McKenzie, Bachelor of Business Admin
Curtis Boyette, Bachelor of Business Admin Thuy An T. McKinley, Associate of General Studies
Kylee D. Boyte, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Kaylen M. McKinney, Bachelor of Business Admin
Mary C. Boyte, Doctor of Education Logan B. McLean, Master in Occupational Therapy
Sarah K. Brack, Master in Occupational Therapy Jacob B. McLeland, Bachelor of Arts
Sierra R. Brackenridge, Master of Education Alyssa D. McMurray, Master of Business Admin
Asia Bradley, Bachelor of Arts Brittany J. McNamara, Bachelor of Business Admin
Erin Bradley, Master in Occupational Therapy Megan N. McVay, Bachelor of Science*
Efthymia Brame, Bachelor of Science* Devyn McCormick, Bachelor of General Studies
Kaitlin C. Bratten, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Forrest B. McKay, Bachelor of General Studies
Victoria Breath, Associate of Science^ Dominick A. McLarrin, Associate of General Studies
Cooper C. Breeden, Bachelor of Science* Todd M. McManus, Bachelor of Business Admin
Maggie A. Brian, Bachelor of Science† Sarah D. Meche, Master of Education
Lauryn E. Brooks, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Megan Medlin, Master of Education
Charles Brouillette, Bachelor of Science in Nursing† Brianna D. Medrano, Master of Science
Ryan C. Broussard, Doctor of Pharmacy† Daniel E. Mejia, Master of Education
Jasmine N. Brown, Bachelor of Science Taylor R. Melancon, Master of Science
Michael D. Brown, Doctor of Education Logan G. Melanson, Bachelor of Business Admin
Randilyn S. Brunson, Bachelor of Science* Kindi A. Menard, Master of Education
Jamichael Z. Bryant, Bachelor of Science Samantha H. Mercer, Bachelor of Science
Jacelyn K. Buck, Bachelor of Science† Rebekah Meredith, Doctor of Education
Shamira F. Buffin-Bradford, Bachelor of Arts Christopher T. Messner, Bachelor of Arts
Kaitlyn B. Bullock, Bachelor of Arts Christopher Metoyer, Associate of General Studies
Ambi C. Bundy, Bachelor of General Studies* John C. Metoyer, Master of Education
Elise C. Burch, Bachelor of Arts‡ Kylie N. Michot, Bachelor of Science†
Kaylea B. Burgess, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Cade M. Miguez, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Nicole A. Burkey, Master of Science Cassidy R. Miller, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Morgan D. Burks, Master of Science Melinda S. Miller, Master of Arts
Michelle R. Burnett, Master of Education Natalie C. Miller, Bachelor of Science
Alivia B. Busch, Bachelor of Science Samiya D. Minor, Bachelor of Arts
Alisha M. Butler, Master of Education Skye Minor, Master of Science
Victor D. Cahill, Master in Occupational Therapy Jennifer E. Miranda-Harris, Bachelor of Science
Jasmine N. Cain, Bachelor of Arts* Carrie E. Mizell, Bachelor of Business Admin
Ariana Caldwell, Master of Education Neven M. Mobley, Graduate Certificate
Matthew D. Caley, Master of Science Neven M. Mobley, Master of Public Admin
Antoinette Campbell, Bachelor of Science London L. Montoya, Bachelor of General Studies†
Miya Cannon, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Brittney D. Moore, Bachelor of Business Admin
Zachary G. Carnegie, Bachelor of Science Taylor K. Moore, Bachelor of Arts†
Brandon A. Carrone, Master of Business Admin Kimberly A. Morace, Bachelor of Arts
Parker B. Carson, Bachelor of Business Admin Kaely B. Morrison, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Rae B. Carter, Master of Education Liam Morrison, Master of Science
Cailin A. Cash, Associate of Science~ Cleveland Mouton, Doctor of Education
Guadalupe Castillo, Bachelor of Arts James Mues, Bachelor of Arts
Tynesha Cato, Master of Science Phylicia C. Murphy, Bachelor of Business Admin
Vicky Caughman, Master of Education Chantelle K. Mury, Master of Education
Jason P. Cavalier, Master of Science Jeremy S. Muse, Master of Business Admin
Michael A. Cervantes, Bachelor of General Studies* Sierra Musselman, Master of Science
Tara D. Chachere, Master of Education Chandra Mohan Reddy Muthumula, Doctor of Philosophy
Jacey G. Chance, Bachelor of Science* Olivia R. Myers, Master of Arts in Teaching
John W. Chandler, Bachelor of Science Melissa A. Nankin, Doctor of Education
William W. Chapman, Bachelor of Arts Renee' Naquin, Master of Education
Sarah T. Charpentier, Bachelor of Business Admin Jaylon G. Naron, Bachelor of Science
Shaley M. Charrier, Associate of Science^ Sarah K. Neal, Associate of Science^
Shanta D. Chatman, Bachelor of Arts Datra Neeley, Associate of General Studies
Wendy A. Che, Bachelor of Arts* Hannah T. Nelson, Bachelor of Science†
Stephanie M. Chiasson, Bachelor of General Studies* Rhonda M. Nelson Reed, Master of Education
David C. Chism, Bachelor of Arts† Channee M. Nero-Walker, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Kelsie L. Cigainero, Master in Occupational Therapy Andrew Newman, Master of Education
Kayli G. Clardy, Bachelor of Business Admin Jalen D. Nguyen, Bachelor of Business Admin†
Cole C. Clark, Bachelor of Arts* Kenny Nguyen, Bachelor of Science
Meagan J. Clark, Bachelor of Arts Steven A. Nguyen, Bachelor of Science*
Cheryl L. Clay, Bachelor of General Studies Delvin T. Nguyen-Ho, Bachelor of Science
Gracyn R. Cline, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Carrie A. Nichols, Master in Occupational Therapy
Apollo Colclough, Master of Arts Connor S. Nimrod, Bachelor of Business Admin
Clinton G. Coleman, Master of Public Admin Sneha Niraula, Bachelor of General Studies
Macy M. Coleman, Master of Education Alexandra G. Nolan, Master of Science
Malik Coleman, Bachelor of Arts Ashley S. Nolan, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Shemeka S. Coleman, Master of Education Haley N. Norwood, Bachelor of Fine Arts*
Dennis D. Collins, Bachelor of Arts Ta'Kirrya K. O'Neal, Bachelor of Science
Joshua C. Collins, Bachelor of Science Derrick Oatis, Bachelor of Arts
Nia Y. Collins, Bachelor of Arts Anna M. Obed, Bachelor of Arts
Tatiyana Colquitt, Bachelor of Arts Sasha C. Odom, Bachelor of General Studies*
Grayson E. Colvin, Bachelor of Business Admin Helena N. Olson, Master of Education
James C. Connally, Associate of Science Chiemeka L. Onyemechara, Bachelor of Science
Chandler T. Conrad, Bachelor of Science John G. Ormond, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Katelin Cook, Bachelor of Science Ildico H. Osei Twerefour, Master of Science
Richard W. Corley, Bachelor of General Studies Julia G. Oubre, Bachelor of Arts
Luke A. Cotton, Bachelor of Business Admin Sarah E. Owens, Bachelor of Arts‡
Eleni Coyle, Doctor of Education Chardazha K. Paige, Master of Arts
Keegan L. Craft, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Matthew M. Palmer, Bachelor of Business Admin
Lauren K. Cramer, Master of Science Alexa L. Papanier, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Cameron C. Crawford, Bachelor of Arts Savana P. Pappas, Bachelor of Arts
Amelia J. Crnkovic, Associate of Science~ Krista L. Parker, Master of Science
Alyssa K. Culbreath, Bachelor of General Studies Jordan K. Parks, Master of Education
Mckenze M. Culotta, Bachelor of Science David A. Pasche, Bachelor of Arts
Daniel M. Curry, Bachelor of Science Charles V. Patterson, Bachelor of Science
Sabrina G. Curtis, Associate of Science~ Jenna A. Patterson, Bachelor of Science
Kiran Dahal, Bachelor of Science Danielle Peoples, Bachelor of Arts
Blaine H. Daigle, Master of Education Ansley T. Perilloux, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Raci A. Dallas, Bachelor of Business Admin James J. Perkins, Bachelor of Science
Danny D. Dang, Bachelor of Science† Clinton T. Perodeau, Master of Science
Samantha M. Daniell, Bachelor of Arts Calvin C. Petty, Bachelor of General Studies
Grace M. Daniels, Bachelor of General Studies Charles R. Phillips, Bachelor of Science*
Hailey B. Daniels, Bachelor of General Studies Preston S. Phillips, Bachelor of Business Admin
Shonda Daniels, Bachelor of Science Lauren L. Phillpott, Bachelor of Science†
Erin A. Davey, Bachelor of Science Fabian Pickering, Bachelor of Science
Angelique J. Davis, Associate of Science Maria G. Picon Barrios, Bachelor of Arts‡
Genevieve O. Davis, Associate of Science^ Caroline A. Pierrotti, Master of Public Admin
Hailey C. Davis, Bachelor of Science† Allison K. Plaisance, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Hunter C. Davis, Bachelor of Science* Macie Poe, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Kiara A. Davis, Master in Occupational Therapy Taylor M. Pollard, Bachelor of Science*
Alyssa M. Dean, Associate of Science~ Kristin A. Porter, Master of Science
Lakendra A. Dean, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Grishma Poudel, Master of Arts
Annie S. Decuir, Master of Education Nikita Poudel, Bachelor of Business Admin†
Cecil N. Delphin, Associate of General Studies Langston J. Powell, Bachelor of Science
Micaiah Dendy, Master of Science Naina Powell, Master of Education
Eden A. Dennis, Bachelor of Science* Lisa J. Prestridge, Master of Arts
Krysta Deogracias, Bachelor of Arts Barbara L. Price, Associate of General Studies
William H. Derrick, Bachelor of Arts Joe M. Price, Bachelor of Science*
Brian S. Deslatte, Master of Science Kuristin Price, Bachelor of Arts
Alissa Nicole Diaz, Bachelor of Arts‡ Sydney Pritchard, Master of Science
Megan Dibenedetto, Master of Arts MaKayla G. Prudhomme, Associate of Science
Ashley R. Dickson, Associate of Science Timothy Puckett, Bachelor of General Studies
William Dickson, Master of Education William B. Pugh, Bachelor of Science
Whitney N. Dison, Bachelor of Arts† Jenna T. Purcello, Master of Education
Emily K. Ditta, Bachelor of Science* Valerie Quarles, Master of Education
Nicholas T. Dix, Bachelor of General Studies* Nolan T. Quinlan, Bachelor of General Studies
Noah T. Dixon, Bachelor of Arts James B. Rachel, Master of Science
Drue M. Dodson, Bachelor of Science† Bethany Randell, Bachelor of Science
Kurstie R. Doles, Bachelor of Science Ke'Mile E. Randle, Bachelor of Arts
Ciara M. Dougan, Bachelor of Arts Tina L. Ratcliff, Doctor of Philosophy
Macey N. Downhour, Bachelor of Science† Grace E. Reid, Master in Occupational Therapy
Daisy A. Drake, Bachelor of Science† Natalie C. Reid, Bachelor of Science
Taquavian Drake, Bachelor of General Studies Quatesha D. Reitzell, Master of Education
Caleb J. Drummer, Bachelor of Arts Scott M. Revelle, Master in Occupational Therapy
David R. Dubois, Bachelor of Business Admin* Tabitha G. Reynolds, Master of Education
Haley M. Dufresne, Master in Occupational Therapy Mark A. Ricaud, Associate of General Studies
Kaci Duhon, Master of Education Kayla E. Rich, Bachelor of Science*
Miquel J. Dumas, Bachelor of Science Ashlyn K. Richard, Bachelor of Science
Sydney G. Duncan, Bachelor of Science* Gavin Richard, Bachelor of Science
Quoc-Nam C. Duong, Master of Science Sarah Richard, Master of Education
Cullen A. Duplantis, Associate of General Studies John D. Riley, Bachelor of Arts
Madelyn C. Duplantis, Bachelor of Science Andrew D. Ringle, Bachelor of Science
Cedric J. Dyer, Bachelor of Business Admin Michael R. Rivera, Bachelor of Music
Robbie A. Edwards-Heath, Master of Education Amy B. Roberie, Master of Education
Abigail A. Elder, Bachelor of Science* Cayce Roberts, Bachelor of General Studies
Kaitlyn Eley, Bachelor of Science Tanner C. Roberts, Associate of General Studies
Sharif M. Elgourani, Bachelor of Science* Imari A. Robertson, Bachelor of Science
Melisa V. Elieson, Doctor of Philosophy Kendall B. Robertson, Master of Education
Dekara Ellis, Master of Arts Miranda C. Robertson, Bachelor of Business Admin
Sir'Darrius D. Ellis, Bachelor of Science Frankie D. Robinson, Master of Education
Kirstin M. Elrod, Bachelor of Arts Jonathan K. Robinson, Bachelor of Science
Miguel D. Estrella, Bachelor of General Studies Keith Robinson, Bachelor of Science*
Anita J. Ewing, Master of Education Victoria M. Robinson, Bachelor of Business Admin
Baylee K. Ewing, Bachelor of Fine Arts† Kamryn Rodriguez, Bachelor of Science
Jill E. Faber, Doctor of Education Rhett Rodriguez, Master of Science
Sally F. Farrington, Bachelor of Arts Ashley R. Roebuck, Bachelor of Science
Haley C. Farwell, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Chandler P. Rogers, Bachelor of General Studies
Amy Ferguson, Master in Occupational Therapy Christopher P. Rogers, Bachelor of Business Admin
Kewon H. Ferrell, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Faith Rogers, Master of Education
Caroline M. Ferrier, Bachelor of Science Alicia D. Rollins, Doctor of Education
Megan M. Ferrington, Bachelor of Business Admin Lisa R. Roseburrow, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Brianna M. Fife, Bachelor of Fine Arts Breanna Ross, Master of Public Admin
Brittany Fisher, Bachelor of Arts Lisa E. Ross, Master of Education
Eli M. Fitzgerald, Bachelor of Science* Sarah A. Roy, Bachelor of Science
Tara D. Folse, Master of Education Tithi Roy, Doctor of Philosophy
Kaitlyn A. Formhals, Bachelor of Arts* Cameron S. Rugg, Bachelor of Business Admin†
Trinity Foucha, Bachelor of Arts Cameron S. Rugg, Bachelor of Business Admin†
Margaret Fowler, Master of Music Education Jalen M. Russ, Bachelor of Arts
Ariyan T. Fox, Bachelor of Arts Sasha G. Russ, Bachelor of Science
Madelyn L. French, Master of Science William F. Ryan, Bachelor of Arts
Montrell J. French, Bachelor of Arts Sicily D. Rymill, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jevin A. Frett, Bachelor of Science Diego H. Saldana, Bachelor of Science
George D. Fuller, Bachelor of Arts Ashley N. Sallie, Master of Public Admin
Hannah E. Gable, Bachelor of Science* Ann M. Salsbury, Master in Occupational Therapy
Paige M. Galloway, Master of Education Ayanna D. Sanders, Associate of General Studies
Genesis A. Garcia Acosta, Master of Education Joshua Sanders, Master of Public Admin
Maria Teresa Garcia Martinez, Bachelor of Business Admin* Layton B. Sanders, Bachelor of Science
Amy L. Garman, Master in Occupational Therapy Francisco J. Sanfiel, Master of Arts
Alyssa Garon, Bachelor of Science† Anna E. Santangelo, Bachelor of Science
Alexander D. Garrett, Bachelor of Science Noah L. Santiago, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Lauren P. Gayle, Master of Business Admin Andrew Sao, Bachelor of Science
Bishnu P. Ghimire, Bachelor of Science* Lydia C. Savoie, Master of Education
Lydia M. Gibson, Bachelor of Arts‡ Alexus N. Scalia, Bachelor of Science
Kassidy A. Giddens, Bachelor of Arts* Kaleigh S. Scallan, Bachelor of Science†
Kelsey Giddens, Bachelor of Science Terry J. Schofield, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Sarah K. Gilliland, Bachelor of Science* Seth A. Schrock, Bachelor of Arts*
Destiny G. Gilmore, Bachelor of Science Cameran M. Scott, Bachelor of Arts
Caroline B. Girod, Associate of Science Derrish M. Scurfield, Master of Science in Nursing
Darryl E. Givens, Bachelor of Science Cynthia Seka Epse Dagnogo, Bachelor of Arts
Damian Glover, Doctor of Education Gloria T. Sekitoleko, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Luke C. Gorman, Bachelor of Science Gara B. Self, Bachelor of Science
Kaitlyn I. Goudeau, Master of Science Kathryn E. Shamburg, Bachelor of Arts*
Sean J. Gourley, Master of Science Ashish Sharma, Master of Business Admin
Curtis W. Graham, Bachelor of Science Callie A. Shaw, Bachelor of Arts*
Wesley J. Graham, Bachelor of Fine Arts JoEllen H. Showers, Doctor of Education
Carla D. Grant, Master of Education Sarah E. Shrader, Bachelor of Arts
Andrell S. Green, Bachelor of Science Nishant Narsing Shrestha, Master of Business Admin
Courtnie S. Green, Bachelor of Arts Jacqueline Siering, Master of Arts
Heather A. Green, Master in Occupational Therapy Misti E. Simons, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Tanika Green, Master of Public Admin Kayla M. Slocum, Master of Education
Ian M. Greene, Bachelor of Science Abigail A. Smith, Associate of Science
John H. Griffith, Bachelor of Science Courtney J. Smith, Bachelor of Science
Elizabeth Griswold, Doctor of Education Emily M. Smith, Master in Occupational Therapy
Kaylee N. Griswold, Bachelor of Arts* Jada K. Smith, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Paula S. Guba, Bachelor of Business Admin* Katelyn N. Smith, Bachelor of Arts*
Kassie N. Gueret, Bachelor of Science† Lisa M. Smith, Master of Science
Franklin D. Gueydan, Bachelor of Business Admin Michelle H. Smith, Master in Occupational Therapy
Samantha L. Guice, Bachelor of Science Morgan K. Smith, Bachelor of General Studies
Jaorlyn Guidry, Associate of Science Sara-Alisa S. Smith, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Emily A. Guillory, Master of Education William W. Smith, Doctor of Philosophy
Samuel C. Guillory, Associate of General Studies Ahmaad Solmone, Master of Public Admin
Usha Gyawali, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Heather M. Soulier, Master of Science
William G. Hable, Bachelor of Science* Todd J. Spears, Master of Science
Mary G. Hall, Master in Occupational Therapy Shyanne X. Specht, Bachelor of Science
Ky Halton, Bachelor of General Studies Jordan Squyres, Bachelor of Arts*
Stephen C. Hamilton, Bachelor of Arts Ebony D. Steele, Master of Arts in Teaching
Shanda Hancock, Master of Arts Hanna C. Stephens, Associate of General Studies
Tierra M. Handie, Bachelor of General Studies Amber Stephenson, Bachelor of Arts
Carley C. Hanks, Bachelor of Science Victoria A. Sterling, Bachelor of Science
John O. Hanna, Bachelor of Arts Kayla M. Stewart, Master in Occupational Therapy
Natalie A. Hansen, Associate of General Studies Nicholette C. Stewart, Bachelor of Science
Viktar Harbachuk, Bachelor of Arts Christy M. Stillwell, Master in Occupational Therapy
Abbey S. Hardie, Associate of General Studies^ Zoe G. Stoker, Bachelor of Science
Melissa K. Harper, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Katie Strahan, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Ralpheal Harrell-Johnson, Master of Public Admin Ashley Stringfellow, Bachelor of Science
Sara D. Harrington, Master of Education Steven K. Strouse, Master in Occupational Therapy
Adrian Harris, Bachelor of Science Tasmin Ara Sultana, Doctor of Philosophy
Alexis Harris, Bachelor of General Studies Samantha F. Summers, Bachelor of Science‡
Stephenie L. Harris, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Calum G. Sutherland, Bachelor of Arts
Tracey D. Hatfield, Master of Education Mackenzie L. Swain, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jamiel K. Hawkins, Bachelor of Arts Jill N. Swanner, Associate of Science
Jennie L. Hayes, Bachelor of Science Michael E. Swanner, Bachelor of Science‡
Traci D. Haynes, Bachelor of Arts Michael D. Tappin, Master of Science
Taryn Hearn, Master of Arts Daniel P. Taverne, Associate of Science
Hunter R. Heaslip, Bachelor of Science in Nursing* Paurava Thakore, Master of Science
Mildred N. Heath, Bachelor of Arts Anil Thapa, Bachelor of Science
Jennifer G. Hebert, Master of Education Sajani Thapa, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Stephanie M. Hebert, Master of Education Amy B. Thomas, Master of Science
Blake E. Heck, Bachelor of Science* Benjamin J. Thomas, Bachelor of Business Admin
Shaina J. Henderson, Bachelor of Science Jayla K. Thomas, Bachelor of General Studies*
Brittney Henry, Bachelor of Science Krystan D. Thomas, Master of Education
Kenneth D. Henry, Bachelor of General Studies Gabriel T. Thrash, Bachelor of Science
Alex M. Hernandez, Bachelor of Science John M. Till, Bachelor of Business Admin
Kaylee C. Herpin, Bachelor of Science Taylor A. Tingle, Bachelor of Arts†
David R. Herren, Doctor of Education Jonathan A. Torres, Bachelor of Science
Cierra D. Herrington, Bachelor of General Studies Mary H. Toups, Master of Science
Baylie M. Hightower, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Joseph S. Trahan, Bachelor of Science‡
Harley D. Hilbun, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Iesha Tramble, Master of Education
Chloe R. Hill, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Hoa T. Tran, Bachelor of Business Admin
Janiecia Hill, Bachelor of Arts Cooper L. Treadway, Bachelor of Science
Matthew S. Hill, Bachelor of Arts Katherine T. Tremaine, Master in Occupational Therapy
Wilber G. Hill, Bachelor of Business Admin Chloe Trifaux, Master of Science
Brandon S. Hillman, Bachelor of Business Admin Kara G. Trisler, Bachelor of Science
Chloe B. Hillman, Bachelor of Business Admin Lexie B. Tuminski, Master in Occupational Therapy
Hailey D. Hillock, Bachelor of General Studies Harley D. Turnage, Master of Arts
Slayton L. Hines, Bachelor of Arts Elizabeth L. Turner, Master of Science
Garrett B. Hirsch, Master of Science Jasmin D. Turner, Bachelor of Science
Dynele Hodnett, Master in Occupational Therapy Audrey Upshaw, Master of Education
Brandy D. Hogan, Bachelor of General Studies Khairi Usher, Bachelor of Business Admin
Julia B. Hogan, Bachelor of Science‡ Melisa M. Valentin, Doctor of Education
Rachel A. Holland, Master in Occupational Therapy Austin S. Vienne, Bachelor of Science
Raven L. Holland, Bachelor of Arts Hollie E. Vinson, Master in Occupational Therapy
Robin Holloway, Bachelor of Science† Huu V. Vo, Master of Science
Jakyle T. Holmes, Bachelor of General Studies Jessica E. Volner, Master in Occupational Therapy
Jomesia P. Honeycutt, Bachelor of Science Rebecca Waguespack, Master of Education
Hannah M. Hopkins, Master of Science Jahaanvie Walia, Master of Business Admin
Brandi M. Hornsby, Master of Science Hollis J. Walker, Bachelor of Science
Zachary J. Horton, Bachelor of Science Ka'Nissa K. Walker, Master of Arts in Teaching
Jasmyne J. Howard, Master of Science Lakeshia Walker, Master of Science
Natalie E. Howard, Bachelor of Arts* Erin Walton, Master of Education
Keana S. Howell, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Felicia A. Washam, Master of Public Admin
Amanda M. Hudson, Bachelor of Science Travis M. Washburn, Bachelor of Science
Madison P. Hudson, Master of Science Annelise K. Washington, Master of Science
Melinda Humble, Master of Business Admin Shamyra C. Washington, Bachelor of Arts
Ross E. Hunt, Master in Occupational Therapy Jazlyn Watkins, Bachelor of Business Admin
Chelsea Hunter, Bachelor of Arts Jermaine A. Watkins, Master of Public Admin
Brianna A. Hutson, Bachelor of Arts Hannah T. Watts, Master of Education
Kirsten F. Hutto, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Cheyenne Weaver, Bachelor of General Studies
Amanda Hutzler, Master in Occupational Therapy Kelly L. Weems, Bachelor of Arts
Gavin J. Huval, Bachelor of Music* Taylor Welker, Bachelor of Business Admin
Weldon C. Idom, Bachelor of Arts Tyler J. Wells, Bachelor of General Studies
Ashlyn B. Jack, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Sadie Wesson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Anna C. Jackson, Bachelor of Business Admin* Alexia L. West, Bachelor of Business Admin
Beverly S. Jackson, Master of Education Jassmine N. West, Master of Education
Jalen C. Jackson, Bachelor of General Studies Brandt E. Westbrooks, Bachelor of Arts
Jeorgia G. Jackson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Skyler Whetstone, Bachelor of Business Admin
Latoya Jackson, Master of Arts Hannah White, Bachelor of General Studies
Taja C. Jackson, Bachelor of Science Jacob D. White, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Teresa Jackson, Bachelor of General Studies Keundra A. White, Bachelor of Science
Timothy E. Jackson, Master of Education Josie R. Wiggins, Bachelor of Science
Zachari B. Jackson, Bachelor of Business Admin Meredith Sage Wiles, Bachelor of Science†
Dawson Jacobs, Master of Arts Carlie J. Wiley, Bachelor of Science
Arian Jaff, Bachelor of Business Admin John M. Wilkerson, Master of Science
Jermario T. Jefferson, Bachelor of Arts* Karen E. Williams, Bachelor of General Studies
Derrick V. Jenkins, Master of Public Admin Katelyn C. Williams, Bachelor of General Studies
Nelle L. Jenkins, Master of Science Larry Williams, Master of Music Education
Savanna F. Jennings, Bachelor of Science† Kristine Williford, Master of Education
Brenisha L. Johnson, Bachelor of Arts Reilly M. Willis, Bachelor of Science
Kenneth W. Johnson, Bachelor of General Studies Lindzay L. Wilmore, Bachelor of Business Admin
Lacy B. Johnson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Asia A. Wilson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Madelyn Johnson, Master of Arts Cora K. Wilson, Master of Education
Resa E. Johnson, Master of Education Vincent Wilson, Master of Science
Riley A. Johnson, Bachelor of Arts Jamie L. Wilson Freeland, Bachelor of Arts
Tasha Johnson, Associate of General Studies Alyssa Winters, Associate of Science
Caleb S. Jones, Bachelor of Arts Lea K. Wodach, Master of Public Admin
Jessica B. Jones, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Sarah E. Womack, Bachelor of Arts
Lainy R. Jones, Associate of Science^ William B. Wood, Bachelor of Science
Mia Jones, Bachelor of Science Zaccheus D. Woodard, Master of Business Admin
Rebecca A. Jones, Bachelor of Science Sydney S. Woodruff, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Angela S. Jordan, Master of Education Gabbriella R. Word, Bachelor of Arts*
Asja Jordan, Master of Public Admin Jiya A. Wright, Bachelor of General Studies*
Brittany B. Jordan, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Lauren E. Wright, Bachelor of Science‡
Joseph Juneau, Bachelor of Science Eric D. Wynn, Doctor of Education
Alexandra N. Jungina, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Jennifer C. Yellott, Master of Science in Nursing
Scott B. Kahler, Doctor of Philosophy Morgan A. Yelton, Bachelor of Arts
Crystal B. Keagle, Master in Occupational Therapy Bailey N. Young, Master of Science
Katelyn M. Keller, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Victoria C. Young, Master of Education
Amanda Kennedy, Master of Science Tamara Youngblood, Bachelor of General Studies
Ashley E. Kent, Bachelor of Business Admin Camryn S. Zeigler, Associate of Science~
Alison A. Kidwell, Bachelor of Science Hayley L. Zell, Master of Arts
Brittany L. Kim, Master of Public Admin Matthew A. Zito, Master of Education