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ULM Honors Program presents at Annual Meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council

Published December 7, 2023

Honors NCHC 2023

CAPTION: ULM Honors Program students recently attended and presented at the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council in Chicago. Pictured L-R: Dr. Joshua Stockley, Noah Stephan, Shreya Adhikari, Kaitlyn Apperley, Grace Gunder, George Khawas

MONROE, LA The University of Louisiana Monroe Honors Program attended the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council in Chicago, IL from November 8-11. Dr. Joshua Stockley, Director of the ULM Honors Program, was joined by five students –Grace Gunder (Senior, Biology, Elizabeth), Shreya Adhikari (Junior, Nursing, Nepal), Kaitlyn Apperley (Junior, Pre-Pharmacy, Monroe), George Khawas (Sophomore, Computer Science, Nepal), Noah Stephan (Sophomore, Biology, Monroe). 

“The conference was a mosaic of ideas and experiences shared among like- and different-minded individuals making it an enriching and enjoyable experience,” said Stephan. 

Kaitlyn Apperley presented at a panel with Dr. Stockley entitled, “DEI at a PWI: Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within Honors Programs and Colleges at Predominately White Institutions.” A graduate of Wossman High School in Monroe, Apperley shared her experiences within ULM and the ULM Honors Program. “Participating in NCHC not only provided valuable insights into diverse program practices, but also empowered me to develop innovative ideas to significantly enhance our honors program,” said Apperley. 

George Khawas presented at a panel with Dr. Stockley entitled, “Becoming Global Citizens: Centering International and Immigrant Students Towards a Global Experience in Honors Program and Colleges.” Khawas discussed his journey from Lalitpur, Nepal to ULM and the opportunities the ULM Honors Program provides to international students. Khawas said, “From presenting my perspectives on campus diversity to attending workshops to create better honors experiences to learning ways to improve student communication, my experience at NCHC was incredibly productive and I cannot wait to apply all of the knowledge to better our program!”  

Grace Gunder presented at a panel with Dr. Stockley entitled, “Pre-College Credits and its Effects in Honors Education.” Gunder and Dr. Stockley shared successful and unsuccessful curricular strategies employed by the ULM Honors Program for students participating in the honors program while arriving with a large amount of previously earned credits. 

“Attending NCHC was an absolutely wonderful experience and an opportunity to learn more about supporting and enhancing the community we have within the ULM Honors Program. I am really excited to collaborate with other members who attended to bring to life the developmental and structural ideas we were presented with at NCHC and to see how we can improve our program. I am so fortunate to have been given the chance to contribute to an organization I care so much about, in addition to the professional and educational development I have personally been able to obtain through all that our program has to offer,” said Grace Gunder, student president of the ULM Honors Program. 

Adhikari said, “Attending NCHC was a transformative experience for me. Keynote speakers and panel discussions inspired me by offering insights into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in various fields. Diverse attendees encouraged cultural exchange and broadened my perspective. I gained insights into effective practices within honors programs in different universities and colleges, which can be valuable for the growth of our own program at ULM. Overall, I found NCHC to be not only intellectually stimulating but also personally rewarding, creating lasting memories and connections within the honors community.” 

“NCHC is an excellent opportunity for our students to share their experiences with others, to develop professional skills, to build networks, and to learn about strategies and programming employed by other honors programs,” said Dr. Stockley. “I am reminded that the ULM Honors Program is a high-quality program doing a lot of innovative things, but we can always improve – our great can always be greater.”  

Attending the conference were 1,800 honors students and administrators from colleges and universities across the United States.  

The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) is an educational organization that supports and promotes undergraduate honors education. NCHC has nearly 900 member institutions and several hundred individual members, impacting over 330,000 honors students. NCHC provides its members with resources, training opportunities, and collaborative events to build and sustain honors programs and their curriculum. NCHC distributes honors scholarships and hosts exclusive events for its members. 

About the ULM Honors Program 

The ULM Honors Program is a unique program within ULM that seeks intellectually curious students who desire to challenge themselves with new ideas and to work with similarly motivated students. The program is open to all majors and works within all degree programs. Honors students are exposed to more in-depth topics and work closely with faculty in smaller courses. 

For more information about the Honors Program contact Dr. Joshua Stockley at stockley@ulm.edu or 318-342-3216 or visit ulm.edu/honors.