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Phi Kappa Phi presents donation to ULM's Emily Williamson Laboratory School

Published May 3, 2023


CAPTION: Phi Kappa Phi President Chloe Beaver (left) and Vice President Dr. Will Rogers present EWLS students and Director Denise Buell (right) with donations collected during their fall 2022 drive.  

MONROE, LA – The University of Louisiana Monroe chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, a national collegiate honor society, recently made a donation of books and classroom items to the Emily Williamson Laboratory School on the campus of ULM. Phi Kappa Phi donated over 300 items, including children’s books and classroom items, to the school. The items were collected as part of Phi Kappa Phi’s Fall 2022 Service Project.  

“Our chapter initially chose a children's book drive as a way to support EWLS and promote the PKP motto ‘Let the love of learning rule humanity,’" said Phi Kappa Phi President Chloe Beaver, Assistant Director of Assessment and Evaluation at ULM.  

The Emily Williamson Laboratory School was damaged by fire in October 2022 and was relocated to the first floor of the ULM SUB in February 2023. Due to the fire, all books and most classroom items at EWLS were damaged or destroyed. In response, Phi Kappa Phi expanded its drive to include classroom items. The ULM chapter of Phi Kappa Phi won the national 2022 Fall Service Project Award for their division. As a result, the national chapter of Phi Kappa Phi gifted EWLS a $200 Amazon gift card. The ULM chapter of PKP also gave a classroom playset as a personal donation from the chapter.  

“The donation of books and other learning materials from Phi Kappa Phi allows EWLS to maintain the quality of education the Lab School provided prior to the devastating fire. The donations are only the start of an ongoing partnership with Phi Kappa Phi as we work together supporting our youngest learners and strengthening our university community,” said Denise Buell, Director of the ULM Emily Williamson Laboratory School.  

Beaver says the entire drive was a team effort by Phi Kappa Phi and the community. “The entire executive committee was instrumental in pulling this off, especially our Past President and Treasurer, Ms. Allison Thompson, and our Vice President, Dr. Will Rogers,” she said. “The ULM community was truly a major force in getting the word out and providing donations. I think many were looking for some way to help EWLS after the fire and saw the book drive as an opportunity to give back. Different organizations and departments reached out and asked for flyers to circulate, and some local schools even collected book donations for the drive,” added Beaver.  

“Our chapter is very proud that ULM has the Emily Williamson Laboratory School here on campus providing excellent educational training and resources and childcare to the ULM community,” said Beaver. “We have enjoyed fostering this partnership and having the opportunity to give back to EWLS in this small way,” she said.  

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the nation’s oldest and most selective multidisciplinary collegiate honor society. The ULM chapter of Phi Kappa Phi (chapter 113) received its charter in 1970. According to Beaver, it is a chapter of high-achieving students, faculty, and staff who initiate new eligible members each spring semester. For more information about the ULM chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, visit www.ulm.edu/pkp 

For more information about The Emily Williamson Laboratory School, visit www.ulm.edu/ewls.