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Degrees awarded to 674 graduates at ULM summer and fall 2023 commencement ceremonies

Published December 14, 2023

Grad Fall 2023

MONROE, LA – University of Louisiana Monroe President Dr. Ronald Berry awarded degrees to 674 graduates at the summer and fall 2023 commencement ceremonies on December 9, 2023. Two ceremonies were held for the four colleges, Arts, Education, and Sciences, Business and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Pharmacy, plus the Graduate School.  

Summer 2023 

A total of 102 students earned degrees. Five doctoral degrees were awarded.  

Degrees awarded by college include 13 in Arts, Education, and Sciences, 24 in Business and Social Sciences, 19 in Health Sciences, 9 in Pharmacy, and 37 in the Graduate School. 

There were six Distinguished Graduates who graduated with Cum Laude honors.  

The top fall graduate with a 3.735 cumulative GPA was Alex Michael Domingue.  

The degrees for summer 2023 graduates were officially conferred on August 3, 2023. 

Fall 2023 

A total of 572 students earned degrees. Five students earned multiple degrees, and 11 doctoral degrees were awarded. Nine students were Honors Program graduates. 

Degrees awarded by college include 85 in Arts, Education, and Sciences, 170 in Business and Social Sciences, 124 in Health Sciences, 28 in Pharmacy, and 170 in the Graduate School. 

There were 96 Distinguished Graduates; 13 Summa Cum Laude, 24 Magna Cum Laude, and 59 Cum Laude. University-level Honor Graduates for associate degrees included eight Honors. 

The top fall graduates with a 4.0 cumulative GPA were Kelsey Marie Bishop, Hannah Nicole Gandy, Seth David Guidry, and Kaylin Grace Herrington.  

The degrees for fall 2023 graduates were officially conferred on December 13, 2023. 

To view photos from the summer and fall 2023 commencement ceremonies, please visit: https://bit.ly/41p32C7. 

Summer and Fall 2023 Graduates 

Students receiving Baccalaureate degrees were awarded Latin honors in accordance with the following guidelines: 

(*) Cum Laude: a cumulative grade point average (GPA) is within the range of 3.500 through 3.749. 

(†) Magna Cum Laude: a cumulative GPA is within the range of 3.750 through 3.899. 

(‡) Summa Cum Laude: a cumulative GPA is within the range of 3.900 through 4.000. 

(^) Honors — associate degree candidates with a cumulative GPA is within the range of 3.500 through 3.799 

(~) High Honors — associate degree candidates with a cumulative GPA is within the range of 3.800 through 4.000 

For any errors or omissions, please consult the Office of Marketing & Communication Academic List Page. 

Madison C. Acreman, Associate of Science Parker Kay, Bachelor of Arts
Jesus R. Aguilar, Bachelor of Arts Rojina Khadka, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jessica Aguillard, Master of Education Cassondra A. Kight, Master in Occupational Therapy
Ashley W. Ainsworth, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Justin P. Kilchenmann, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Adesola R. Akinpelu, Bachelor of Business Admin Keldrick R. King, Master of Education
Tracee Albert, Master in Occupational Therapy Renee King, Master of Education
Andre A. Alcock, Master of Science Parker E. Knight, Bachelor of Science
Matthew Alfred, Bachelor of Science Erin Kogel, Bachelor of General Studies
Julia P. Ameen, Master of Education Kayla A. LaCoste, Bachelor of Science
Jon P. Amos, Bachelor of General Studies Tonia Lynn R. LaJaunie, Master of Education
Phillip K. Anderson, Bachelor of Science Cassie M. LaMartiniere, Bachelor of Science†
Jennifer L. Anderson, Bachelor of Arts John K. Lamm, Bachelor of Science†
Jayla Anderson, Bachelor of Arts Mehek Lamsal, Bachelor of Business Admin†
Hannah M. Andrews, Bachelor of Science Mehek Lamsal, Bachelor of Business Admin†
John G. Andrews, Bachelor of General Studies Brittany N. Lanclos, Bachelor of Science
Justin A. Applewhite, Bachelor of Arts Rachael Landry, Master of Education
Katie R. Arceneaux, Master of Science Kyrstin J. Lastrapes, Bachelor of Science*
Stephanie Arellano, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Micah J. Lawrence, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Patrice R. Ariatti, Master of Education Abigail G. Lawrence, Bachelor of Science*
Peyton A. Arthur, Master of Education Molly J. Lawson, Associate of Science
Tia J. Arvie, Bachelor of Business Admin Jacob A. Lee, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Peyton A. Aulds, Bachelor of Arts Payton Lemoine, Master of Business Admin.
Amelia K. Austin, Associate of Science Marquezz A. Lewis, Bachelor of Arts
Victor C. Bafutto, Master of Business Admin. Kenneth Limbach, Doctor of Education
Aneshia S. Barber, Master of Education Joshua D. Lindsay, Bachelor of Arts†
John S. Bardwell, Bachelor of Business Admin* Amalie Link, Bachelor of Science†
Kasey C. Barkley, Bachelor of Arts Sydni E. Littleton, Bachelor of Business Admin
Lana Barmore, Bachelor of Business Admin Ronda L. Lloyd, Master of Education
Baily E. Barnett, Associate of Science Isaac Z. Lofton, Bachelor of Arts
Rachel B. Barnhill, Master in Occupational Therapy Deja D. Long, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jacob C. Barr, Bachelor of General Studies Julia N. Longmire, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Breanna L. Bass, Bachelor of General Studies John D. Loomis, Bachelor of Arts
Eliana M. Battle, Bachelor of Arts Brianna N. Lopez, Bachelor of Science
Michael Batton, Bachelor of General Studies Carly D. Lopez, Bachelor of Arts
Rylan Cale G. Bawar, Bachelor of Science Haley J. Lord, Bachelor of Science*
Olaia G. Becerril Alvarez, Bachelor of Business Admin* Claire B. Lottinger, Master in Occupational Therapy
Handy Beckham, Master of Science Maydjine A. Louis-Charles, Bachelor of General Studies
Peyton N. Beckley, Bachelor of Science Caitlin Lowery, Doctor of Education
Crystal N. Beirne, Doctor of Education Nakeia Y. Madere, Master of Arts
Taylon Bell, Master of Science Nichole L. Maher, Master of Education
Kirsten Bell, Master of Science Adrianna R. Mahoney, Master of Education
Adrianne Bellantoni, Master of Science Gannon M. Malone, Master of Science
Ryan A. Benham, Master of Education Kade M. Malone, Bachelor of Science
Lori S. Benoit, Doctor of Education Holly C. Martin, Master in Occupational Therapy
Morgan Benson, Master of Education Crystal A. Mathews, Bachelor of Arts
Christopher E. Bentley, Bachelor of Business Admin Nicholas R. Mayo, Bachelor of Arts
Holly D. Berg, Associate of Science^ Caroline T. Mayronne, Master in Occupational Therapy
Madison T. Berry, Associate of Science Katy McBride, Bachelor of Arts
Sagar Bhetuwal, Bachelor of Science Olivia G. McCrary, Bachelor of Business Admin
Skylar M. Biggs, Bachelor of Arts* Hannah E. McDaniel, Bachelor of Science‡
Matthew E. Bihm, Bachelor of Science† Emily G. McDonald, Associate of Science
Hannah M. Binford, Bachelor of General Studies Haley G. McDougal, Master in Occupational Therapy
Kelsey M. Bishop, Bachelor of Science‡ Marley K. McEachern, Bachelor of Science
Laneque L. Black, Master of Education Whitney McElroy, Master of Education
TiRayous Blackson, Bachelor of Science Joseph McEvoy, Bachelor of General Studies*
Wyatt E. Blalock, Bachelor of Science Michael L. McFarland, Bachelor of General Studies
Madison M. Blount, Bachelor of Science‡ Crystal McGee, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Samuel T. Boateng, Doctor of Philosophy Tracy McGee, Bachelor of General Studies
Tiffany Bohannon, Master of Science Zarian L. McGill, Bachelor of General Studies
John M. Bolding, Bachelor of Science Courtney L. McGlothlin, Master of Science
Ana G. Bond, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Chamberlynn L. McGriggs, Master of Science
Marissa A. Bordelon, Bachelor of Science Brett D. McGuffee, Bachelor of Science
Amy N. Borel, Master of Education Holley G. McInnis, Bachelor of Arts
Talynn L. Bosworth, Bachelor of Science Connor A. McKaskle, Bachelor of Business Admin
Lindsey B. Boudreaux, Master of Education Brady M. McKay, Bachelor of Science*
Amy C. Boudreaux, Bachelor of Science Morgan McKee, Master of Science
Anna Bounds, Master of Arts Connor T. McKoin, Bachelor of Science
Ashley D. Box, Master of Science in Nursing Brittany L. McLendon, Master in Occupational Therapy
Stacy T. Brannan, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Maegan McMahon, Bachelor of Science
Carsyn A. Brasher, Bachelor of Science* Madelyn A. McMullan, Bachelor of Science*
Caroline M. Braswell, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Tiffany L. McMurry, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jarrett T. Brocato, Bachelor of Science Diamond D. McNutt, Bachelor of Science
Tamica T. Brooks, Master of Education Robert T. McReynolds, Bachelor of Science
Claire C. Brooks, Bachelor of Arts Dana E. Mejia, Bachelor of Arts
Addie E. Brooks, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Angela L. Melancon, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Anna K. Brooks, Associate of Science Tiffany A. Menard, Master of Education
Emmy D. Broussard, Master of Education Destiny D. Menier, Associate of Science^
Travis N. Broussard, Bachelor of Business Admin Sadie E. Mercer, Associate of Science
Tamia A. Brown, Bachelor of Arts Meredith K. Meredith, Bachelor of Arts
Tisean N. Brown, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Meredith K. Meredith, Associate of Science
Alexis Brown, Doctor of Education Nikoloz Metskhvarishvili, Bachelor of General Studies
Carson G. Brown, Bachelor of Science Katie L. Mezzic, Master of Education
Aaron P. Brown, Master of Music Education Madelyn C. Miller, Bachelor of Science*
Joshua C. Buckley, Bachelor of Arts Sarah Miller, Master in Occupational Therapy
Thuynhi Bui, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Hayden W. Miller, Bachelor of Business Admin
Lori Burch, Bachelor of Science Kaylynn M. Miller, Bachelor of Arts
Brooklyn F. Burlew, Bachelor of Business Admin‡ Virginia M. Mills, Master in Occupational Therapy
Alissa D. Burris, Bachelor of Science Alicia D. Mims, Bachelor of Arts
Lizzie Bychurch, Master of Arts Ashja D. Mitchell, Bachelor of Arts
Jakobe Byrd, Bachelor of Arts Allyrica J. Mizyed, Bachelor of Science
Caroline S. Byrne, Master of Public Admin Adam R. Mock, Bachelor of Science
Keba V. Cage, Master in Occupational Therapy Moeed Mohsin, Bachelor of Arts
Brandy Calato, Master of Education Lauren F. Montgomery, Bachelor of Arts
Arturo Calderon, Bachelor of Business Admin Seth D. Moon, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Korin A. Camel, Bachelor of Science* Sydney I. Moore, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Kendyll Campbell, Master of Arts in Teaching Donald R. Moore, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Ashley Campbell, Bachelor of Business Admin Elizabeth Moreland, Master of Business Admin.
Jordan L. Campbell, Bachelor of Science† Payton P. Morgan, Bachelor of Science
Catherine E. Campbell, Bachelor of Arts Delaney L. Morgan, Bachelor of Arts*
Ashley M. Canfield, Bachelor of Science Cloe L. Morgan, Bachelor of Arts*
Matthew H. Canterberry, Bachelor of General Studies Melanie S. Moroni, Master of Education
Shelby S. Carlson, Associate of Science^ Samantha Morse, Bachelor of General Studies
Rebecca B. Carnes, Master of Science Leslea Mudd, Master of Education
Kayla Carson, Bachelor of Arts Precious Mundy, Bachelor of Arts
GeShawna M. Carter, Bachelor of Arts Zachary T. Myers, Bachelor of Science
Benjamin M. Cascio, Associate of Science Carley N. Nail, Bachelor of Arts†
Daisy L. Case, Master of Music Education Anna E. Nalley, Bachelor of General Studies
Elisa F. Castillion, Bachelor of Science‡ Naomi L. Naquin, Master of Music Education
Alexa A. Castro Vivas, Bachelor of General Studies Molli K. Nason, Bachelor of Arts*
Robert L. Cato, Bachelor of Business Admin Margaret H. Nations, Bachelor of Arts
Brittney I. Champagne, Doctor of Pharmacy* Brittany Nelson, Bachelor of Arts
Brandy A. Chapman, Master of Science Emily M. Newman, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Ariel G. Chappell, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Gene H. Nguyen, Bachelor of Business Admin
Keonte O. Charles, Bachelor of Business Admin Breonn N. Nichols, Bachelor of Science
Madison T. Chestnut, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Kassidy M. Nielson, Bachelor of Science*
McKenna K. Chick, Master of Arts Charles Norman, Bachelor of Science
Abe M. Chirino, Bachelor of Business Admin Alison North, Master in Occupational Therapy
Rodney Chism, Bachelor of Arts Callie M. O'Bryant, Bachelor of Science
Angel Christophe, Master of Science Aulbani B. O'Neal, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Joseph E. Clampit, Bachelor of Science Kristi L. Odom, Bachelor of Science*
Brandon Clark, Bachelor of Arts Cayla S. Oliver, Bachelor of Science*
Mercedes G. Clark, Master of Education Kristan K. Oliver, Bachelor of Business Admin
Kaleb P. Clark, Bachelor of Business Admin Marie Olsen, Bachelor of Arts
Hannah R. Clark, Bachelor of Arts Jada D. Owens, Bachelor of Science
Maxwell V. Clark, Bachelor of Arts Annah B. Pace, Associate of Science^
Alicia Clark Bradley, Bachelor of Arts Braeden A. Parfait, Bachelor of Science
Marley I. Clevenger, Bachelor of Science Madalyn E. Parker, Bachelor of Arts‡
Chelsey A. Cobb, Bachelor of General Studies Odessa Parker, Bachelor of Science
Zoe A. Coleman, Bachelor of General Studies Krishna R. Patel, Bachelor of Science
Jasmine L. Collins, Master of Science Dandre T. Patin, Bachelor of Science
Brittany Collins, Master of Science Prasansha Paudel, Bachelor of Science*
Noah J. Comanche Abney, Bachelor of Science Yana Paudel, Bachelor of Science*
Brandon L. Comans, Bachelor of Science Yana Paudel, Bachelor of Science*
Gabrielle M. Conde, Bachelor of Arts Ross J. Pellegrin, Master of Science
Kendra G. Condon, Master of Science Demetrese R. Perkins, Master in Occupational Therapy
Amanda Constant, Bachelor of Science* Shamee A. Perkins, Master of Public Admin
Marissa A. Contrino, Master in Occupational Therapy Shaunna D. Perry, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Kolby S. Cook, Bachelor of Science† Alyssa C. Perry-Tatem, Bachelor of Science
Jasmine Cook, Bachelor of Arts Line H. Petersen, Bachelor of Science
Alexus Cook, Master of Science Patrick M. Petty, Bachelor of Business Admin
Jessica M. Cook, Master in Occupational Therapy Laci J. Pfenninger, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jessica L. Cook, Master in Occupational Therapy Anna C. Philley, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Savannah B. Cooper, Master of Arts Karissa E. Phillips, Bachelor of Arts*
Madelyn B. Cordell, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Trent M. Phillips, Bachelor of Science*
Laney E. Corkern, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Jasmine M. Phoenix, Bachelor of Arts
Catherine C. Corley, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Jaycee J. Picquet, Master of Education
Emily M. Cormier, Bachelor of Science‡ Anna E. Pitman, Bachelor of General Studies
Daniel Corona, Bachelor of Arts Jasmine D. Pittman, Doctor of Education
Fanese Cowan, Master of Education Winter J. Pitts, Master of Science
Alexander J. Crigler, Bachelor of Science* William R. Plucker, Master of Arts
Kristin Crochet, Bachelor of Business Admin Caroline Ponder, Master of Science
Brittany Crosby, Master of Education Kimberly Popwell, Bachelor of Arts
Morgan E. Crosser, Bachelor of General Studies Valerie R. Porche, Master of Education
Sunil Dangol, Master of Business Admin. Smriti Poudel, Master of Business Admin.
Natasha A. Daniels, Master in Occupational Therapy Prajal Prasai, Master of Business Admin.
Cameron M. Darling, Bachelor of Science Santana M. Pressley, Bachelor of General Studies
Riley W. Dauzat, Bachelor of Business Admin Brady T. Price, Master of Science
Scott M. David, Bachelor of Science Lindsey P. Price-Monk, Master of Education
Shantavia L. Davis, Bachelor of Science Cameron Primeaux, Master of Science
Kayla Davis, Associate of Science Brianna N. Primm, Bachelor of Science*
Jordan R. Davis, Bachelor of Science Raelie E. Prince, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Claire E. Dawkins, Bachelor of Arts Jennifer Prine, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Anntionette N. Dawkins, Bachelor of Science J'Lon K. Prosser, Bachelor of Science†
T'Asia T. Day, Bachelor of Arts Stanislava Prosvietova, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Daria De Carvalho Peixe, Master of Arts MaKayla G. Prudhomme, Bachelor of Arts*
Madison DeCapo, Master of Science Rojs Puks, Bachelor of Science†
Aaron M. Delcoure, Master of Arts Kari B. Rabb, Bachelor of Science
April B. Denning, Master of Business Admin. Suman Rai, Bachelor of Science
Amber R. Denny, Bachelor of Arts Nasya R. Ramirez, Bachelor of Science
Chelsea M. Derise, Bachelor of Arts Leah Ramoz, Bachelor of Arts
Kristy R. DeRouen, Master of Education Taylor S. Randell, Master of Science
Alphousseyni Diedhiou, Bachelor of General Studies Kim Rauen-Heidmann, Master of Arts
Alex M. Domingue, Bachelor of Science* Shreya Raut, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Chandley M. Dorsey, Bachelor of Science Ruby D. Rawls, Associate of Science^
Loni Dove, Bachelor of Arts* Destiny M. Reed, Bachelor of Arts
Adrienne Drago, Master of Public Admin Raven Reese, Bachelor of Arts
Tristan B. Driggers, Bachelor of General Studies* Alessia F. Reeves, Bachelor of Science
Tanya Drummond, Bachelor of General Studies Amy C. Reich, Bachelor of Arts
April M. Drurey, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Donna L. Reitzell, Bachelor of General Studies
April M. Drurey, Bachelor of Arts Marissa D. Reynolds, Master in Occupational Therapy
Taylor C. DuBois, Master in Occupational Therapy Adriean Rice, Doctor of Education
Mark C. Dubreuil, Master of Education Jaydin S. Richard, Bachelor of Science*
Meghan Ducas, Master of Science Austin T. Riley, Bachelor of Science
Madeline R. Ducote, Associate of Science Katrina A. Riviore, Master of Education
Peyton Dugas, Master of Science Emily C. Roberts, Bachelor of Arts
Russell A. Dugas, Bachelor of Arts Samantha A. Robertson, Master of Education
Micah P. Dumas, Bachelor of Arts Jailey B. Robicheaux, Master of Business Admin.
Nicole M. Dwyer, Bachelor of Arts† Tristan A. Robinson, Bachelor of Science†
Haley L. Easterling, Master of Arts in Teaching De'Antres J. Robinson, Bachelor of Business Admin
Cydney A. Edge, Master in Occupational Therapy Kenneth D. Rogers, Bachelor of Science
Andrew C. Eppinette, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Kiauna R. Rollins, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Tymia L. Evans, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Trenton L. Rollins, Bachelor of Arts†
Emily B. Fahey, Master of Arts Blake L. Salsbury, Bachelor of Business Admin*
Emily P. Feazell, Bachelor of Science Trenesia D. Sanders, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Emily K. Fertitta, Bachelor of Science Reanna N. Sanders, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Amanda Finley, Master in Occupational Therapy Nirajan Sangraula, Bachelor of Science
John B. Flanagan, Master of Science Holly N. Santos, Bachelor of Science
Niya R. Flugence, Bachelor of Science Jessica L. Savell, Master of Science
Luke B. Fluitt, Bachelor of General Studies Katelynn N. Schonekas, Master of Education
Shalone A. Foco, Master of Education Madelyn Schulz, Bachelor of Science
Tanyah S. Ford, Bachelor of Arts Nicholas M. Sciara, Bachelor of Science†
Lodge T. Fortenberry, Bachelor of Science* Sumer N. Scioneaux, Bachelor of Science‡
Brooke A. Francois, Associate of Science Sydney E. Scott, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Ashlynn D. Frederick, Bachelor of Arts Allisen B. Segerson, Master in Occupational Therapy
Heelorie M. Freemont, Master of Arts Emma K. Semmes, Bachelor of Business Admin
Molli E. Fuentes, Bachelor of Arts* Siddhartha J. Shah, Master of Science
Taylor A. Fuller, Bachelor of Arts Swastika Sharma, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Rebecca A. Galloway, Master of Education Emily W. Sharplin, Bachelor of Science†
Hannah N. Gandy, Bachelor of Science‡ Kristen F. Sheffield, Master of Arts
Brian W. Garcia, Bachelor of Science* Shelby E. Sibert, Associate of Science
Sarah B. Garon, Master of Education Courtney L. Sigler, Bachelor of Arts
Sydney G. Garrett, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Klaci G. Simmons, Bachelor of Arts†
D'Alexandro M. Gaston, Bachelor of Arts* Sean Simmons, Master of Science
Emily C. Gates, Bachelor of Arts Sasha Simons, Master of Education
Albina Gautam, Master of Business Admin. Daniel C. Simons, Bachelor of Arts
Katherine M. Gerhardt, Bachelor of Science Abram M. Sims, Bachelor of Science
Arlene Ghahremani, Doctor of Philosophy Cynthia M. Singleton, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Rudhan Ghimire, Master of Science Skyler D. Singleton, Master of Arts
Katie E. Giani, Bachelor of Arts Meinyaun J. Smith, Bachelor of Science in Nursing*
Caleigh D. Gilbert, Associate of Science Malorie K. Smith, Bachelor of Science
Lival L. Ginn, Bachelor of Business Admin* Victoria L. Smith, Master of Education
Shamekia Goodjoint, Bachelor of General Studies Sondra L. Smith, Bachelor of Business Admin
Lena M. Goppel, Bachelor of Business Admin‡ Jessica D. Smith, Master of Education
Breanna Gottschalck, Master of Science Chandler E. Smith, Bachelor of Business Admin
Brianna Granville, Bachelor of Science Angela M. Smith, Bachelor of Arts
Ben C. Grappe, Bachelor of Arts Jalisa Smith, Bachelor of Arts
Robeneyce Green, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Andrew C. Soong, Bachelor of Science
La'Chele A. Green, Bachelor of Science Chasity H. Spears, Master of Education
Kyndall Gregory, Bachelor of Science* Ciara Spriggs, Bachelor of Science
Bailey Gribbin, Master of Education Connor M. Stanfill, Bachelor of Business Admin
Andrew B. Grieve, Master of Science Brandy S. Stansbury, Master of Education
Eric L. Grimes, Bachelor of Business Admin Hope Stapleton, Bachelor of Arts
Dominique Grondin-Allard, Master of Science Hannah K. Stelpflug, Bachelor of Science
Seth D. Guidry, Bachelor of Science‡ Cooper K. Stephenson, Bachelor of Science
Sabria B. Guillory, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Crystal J. Stephenson, Bachelor of Arts†
Krista E. Guillory, Master of Arts Byron A. Stevens, Master of Business Admin.
Devereux J. Guillory, Bachelor of Business Admin Angela Stevenson, Bachelor of Arts
Kinsley S. Gullatt, Bachelor of Business Admin* Nicole L. Steveson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Grace K. Gunder, Bachelor of Science‡ Todd C. Stewart, Bachelor of Science†
Mary Madeline Gusky, Associate of Science^ Nicole Stracner, Bachelor of Arts
Lauren M. Hage, Master of Education Chasten A. Strahan, Bachelor of Arts*
Laura M. Halbrook, Bachelor of Business Admin Brandy Sutton, Master of Education
Kelsey D. Hall, Master of Science in Nursing Hadley E. Swartz, Master in Occupational Therapy
K'Shana Hall, Bachelor of Arts Kaitlyn D. Sweet, Associate of Science^
Kamel P. Hamadachi, Bachelor of Arts Carlyle S. Swofford, Master of Science
Lonnie E. Hammond, Bachelor of Science Kassie W. Tannehill, Master in Occupational Therapy
Mason Hancock, Bachelor of Arts Tori E. Telano, Master of Arts
Avery A. Hanna, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Chelsea L. Terrell, Master of Science
Brandon L. Hannon, Bachelor of Science Thai L. Than, Master of Business Admin.
Tyesha M. Hardy, Master of Arts Emma G. Thibeaux, Associate of Science
Michelle Hardy, Bachelor of Arts* Katie E. Thomas, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Wendy M. Harper, Master of Public Admin Regina C. Thomas, Master of Business Admin.
Baylen A. Harris, Master in Occupational Therapy Peyton D. Thomas, Master in Occupational Therapy
Tyler D. Harris, Bachelor of Science Donovan T. Thomas, Bachelor of General Studies
Karston B. Harris, Master of Science Kori E. Thomason, Master of Science
Adrian K. Harris, Master of Science Tristian C. Thompson, Associate of Science
Linh V. Harshbarger, Doctor of Education Kaley Q. Thompson, Bachelor of Business Admin
Lillie R. Hart, Associate of Science Ashley E. Thompson, Master of Education
Brittney N. Harvey, Master in Occupational Therapy Chris C. Thornton, Bachelor of Business Admin†
Larkin Hatcher, Master in Occupational Therapy Jessica N. Tico, Master of Public Admin
Walter C. Hathaway, Bachelor of Science Jonathan A. Torres, Master of Science
Melody D. Hawkins, Bachelor of Arts Ke'Airia S. Touchstone, Bachelor of Arts
Carli G. Haynes, Bachelor of Business Admin Shanyia Q. Toussaint, Bachelor of Arts*
Landon J. Heard, Bachelor of Business Admin Lindsey M. Trisler, Bachelor of Arts
Jacqueline B. Hebert, Master of Education Jessica L. Trotter, Master of Science
Hope E. Hebert, Master of Science Meghan E. Trybus, Associate of Science^
Brady M. Hebert, Bachelor of Science Adam C. Tubbs, Bachelor of Science
Margaret C. Heithaus, Bachelor of Science Riley E. Tucker, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jill M. Helm, Master of Education Tevya D. Turner, Master of Education
Mackenzie L. Helmer, Bachelor of Science† Robert-Matthew N. Ulmer, Master of Science
Patrick F. Helmstetter, Bachelor of Arts Emma E. Underwood, Associate of Science
Elissa J. Henderson, Master of Public Admin Emma E. Underwood, Bachelor of Science
Daina Henderson, Bachelor of Arts Blakely N. Underwood, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Holland A. Hendon, Bachelor of Science Colby S. Usery, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jessie M. Hendrix, Bachelor of Science Trevor S. VanHoose, Bachelor of Arts*
Christina N. Hendrix, Bachelor of Science Daniel M. Varley, Master of Science
Kristin D. Hendry, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Maria M. Velasquez, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Skylar R. Henry, Bachelor of Arts Daniel R. Verlander, Bachelor of Science
Lauren P. Henson, Bachelor of Arts Alexis F. Vidrine, Bachelor of Business Admin
Hunter S. Herrington, Bachelor of Business Admin* Conli Walker, Associate of Science
Kaylin G. Herrington, Bachelor of Science‡ Theallas A. Walker, Master of Business Admin.
Marcus A. Hester, Bachelor of Business Admin Trinity M. Walker, Bachelor of Business Admin
Francis M. Hibler, Bachelor of Arts Kaylin D. Walter, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jennifer E. Hicks, Master in Occupational Therapy Rachel Walters, Bachelor of Arts*
Loren C. Higginbotham, Bachelor of Science† Alicia V. Ward, Doctor of Education
Taylor A. Hill, Bachelor of Business Admin Grace E. Waren, Bachelor of Science*
Sean Hill, Bachelor of Arts Keisha A. Watson, Bachelor of General Studies
Eddie Hilliard, Bachelor of Arts Ashley Watson, Bachelor of General Studies
Courtney E. Hills, Bachelor of General Studies Anthony C. Watts, Bachelor of General Studies
Amanda J. Himel, Master in Occupational Therapy La-Shondra E. Weathersby, Master of Education
Kylie W. Hines, Bachelor of Arts Kayla M. Webb, Master of Education
Tiffanie Ho, Doctor of Education Mikala A. Weems, Bachelor of Science*
Leslie E. Hobgood, Bachelor of Music† Mallory Welch, Bachelor of Business Admin
Emily R. Hochenedel, Bachelor of Science Lindsay N. Welch, Bachelor of Science
Cooper W. Hodge, Bachelor of Business Admin Jalen S. West, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Christopher A. Hogue, Doctor of Philosophy Vincent T. White, Bachelor of General Studies
Jonathon B. Holland, Bachelor of Science Jacqueline Whitfield, Bachelor of Arts
Raven L. Holland, Master of Public Admin Jacelyn R. Wierzbicki, Bachelor of Science in Nursing*
Whitney R. Holland, Bachelor of Arts Cassie A. Wilde, Bachelor of Arts
Cohron S. Holley, Bachelor of Arts Dariyan Wiley, Bachelor of Arts
Makyra M. Hollins, Associate of Science Jmel Wiley, Bachelor of Arts
Willie C. Holloway, Bachelor of Arts Faith J. Wilhite, Bachelor of General Studies
Jazmine M. Holloway, Bachelor of Science Charles R. Wilhite, Bachelor of Business Admin
Kristine L. Holt, Bachelor of General Studies William R. Wilkening, Master of Business Admin.
Shannon E. Hornsby, Bachelor of Arts Stacey Wilkins, Bachelor of General Studies
MacKenzie Howard, Bachelor of Science* Grace E. Wilkinson, Bachelor of Science
Restee T. Howell, Bachelor of General Studies Elizabeth Williams, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Brittany Hull, Master in Occupational Therapy Averyona J. Williams, Bachelor of Arts
Macie L. Hunt, Bachelor of Fine Arts Darryl L. Williams, Bachelor of Arts
Megan Hutton, Master of Science Mathew A. Williams, Bachelor of Science*
Rachel M. Irvin, Bachelor of Arts Madelyn R. Williams, Master of Science
Tamiya T. Jackson, Bachelor of Arts Lauren C. Williams, Bachelor of Arts
Kayla Jacobs, Bachelor of Science Kaitlyn E. Williams, Bachelor of Science*
Liza Jacobs, Master of Education Deirdre Williams, Master of Science
Skyler B. James, Bachelor of Science* Lashonda Williams, Bachelor of General Studies
Arabella R. Jennings, Bachelor of Arts Victoria K. Williams, Bachelor of General Studies
Cameron M. Jett, Bachelor of Arts* Karlexia K. Williams, Bachelor of Science
Kori D. Jewell, Master of Arts Kristi L. Willis, Bachelor of Business Admin
Damon S. Johnson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Jessica Wills, Master of Science
Grant T. Johnson, Bachelor of Science Sherridan M. Wilson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Hannah M. Johnson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Shuntaye Wilson, Master of Education
Katelin E. Johnson, Master of Science LaCrystal Wilson, Doctor of Philosophy
Miranda L. Johnson, Associate of Science Jamie M. Wingerter, Bachelor of Science
Shemida Johnson-Giddens, Bachelor of Arts Melissa L. Winter, Master of Science
Jordan B. Jones, Bachelor of Arts Nichole E. Wohlstein, Bachelor of Science†
Haley E. Jones, Bachelor of Business Admin Shawna Wood, Bachelor of Arts
Kevin D. Jones, Master of Science LaTia Woods, Bachelor of Science
Serena D. Jones, Bachelor of Arts Keri D. Woody-Ramirez, Bachelor of Science*
Hannah M. Jones, Bachelor of Science* Kim Worley, Bachelor of Arts*
Angelea O. Jones, Bachelor of Business Admin Michael A. Worley, Bachelor of Science
Kayla L. Jones, Bachelor of Arts Robert M. Worley, Bachelor of Science
Quinton Jones, Master of Education Gabriel Wright, Bachelor of Science
Brody R. Jones, Bachelor of Science* Earnest Wyatt, Bachelor of Arts
Britney Jones, Master of Science Alexis L. Wyles, Bachelor of Business Admin
Jamie B. Jusselin, Master of Education Ashlee N. Wyndon, Master of Science
Anne M. Kale, Bachelor of General Studies* Linsey B. Yule, Master in Occupational Therapy
Bibek Kandel, Master of Science Kristina L. Zachary, Doctor of Education
Hollie E. Kass, Bachelor of Business Admin Harrison R. Zeigler, Bachelor of Science*
Madison E. Katchen, Master of Science Zijian Zhou, Master of Business Admin.
Ryan K. Kavanaugh, Master of Arts