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ULM Kinesiology faculty members publish co-written article in international journal

Published March 1, 2024

Hey Reynolds

CAPTION: ULM Professor of Kinesiology Dr. William Hey (left) and Instructor Jessica Reynolds recently co-authored an article in the international Journal of Pedagogical Research.

MONROE, LA– ULM kinesiology professor Dr. William Hey recently co-authored an article in the international Journal of Pedagogical Research along with instructor Jessica Reynolds.  

The research title is “Studying U.S. college faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic: Perceptions of severity, concerns, sources of information, preventive behaviors, barriers to work performance, and impact on work productivity.” The study examines U.S. college faculty perceptions of and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“The project was a first of its kind and provided information that added to a limited body of knowledge in the research literature,” Dr. Hey said.  

Along with Reynolds and Dr. Hey, colleagues from Southeastern Louisiana University, University of Louisiana-Lafayette and Salisbury University joined the project. Dr. Hey and Reynolds became a part of the research project through Dr. Hey’s colleague, Dr. Eddie Hebert from Southeastern Louisiana University. With over 400 participants in the study, a portion of these study participants were ULM faculty. Data for this study were collected during the Fall 2020 semester using an online survey.  

Dr. Hey states that the most enjoyable part of the article publishment is mentoring faculty like Reynolds. 

“At this point in my career, mentoring faculty just beginning their career to participate in research is more rewarding than me being a co-author of an article in an international journal,” Dr. Hey said. “Personally, it means more, and I get more satisfaction encouraging young faculty like my colleague Mrs. Jessica Reynolds to experience being a part of a multi-faceted project like this one.”  

The Journal of Pedagogical Research is published four times a year and includes peer-reviewed, innovative, original research articles in various areas of education. The journal aims to advance knowledge in the field of educational science and offer an integrated view of the field from multiple disciplines.  

A free, downloadable copy of the article can be found at https://www.pedagogicalresearch.com/article/studying-us-college-faculty-during-the-covid-19-pandemic-perceptions-of-severity-concerns-sources-of-13885.