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ULM TRIO-SSS program hosts unforgettable solar eclipse event

Published May 17, 2024


CAPTION:Junior Atmospheric Science major Jayce Crayne gives a talk about the solar eclipse at the TRIO-SSS event on April 8, 2024. Photo credit: Dr. Catherine Estis

MONROE, LA – On Monday, April 8, 2024, the University of Louisiana Monroe's TRIO Programs Student Support Services (TRIO-SSS) hosted a remarkable event to commemorate the rare occurrence of a solar eclipse. With the help of Jayce Crayne, a junior Atmospheric Science major at ULM, attendees were treated to an insightful session delving into the essence of a solar eclipse, its profound significance, and its infrequent appearance. Mr. Crayne's expertise illuminated the minds of participants, fostering a deeper understanding of this celestial phenomenon. Moreover, he provided invaluable guidance on safely observing the eclipse, ensuring a memorable and secure experience for all involved. 

The event, which drew enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, and staff across the ULM campus, exemplified the power of education and community engagement. “By coming together to witness this extraordinary event, attendees not only expanded their scientific knowledge but also forged stronger bonds within the university community,” said Dr. Mystee Burrell, Assistant Director of TRIO-SSS. The TRIO-SSS Program’s initiative to host such an event underscores its commitment to fostering curiosity, learning, and inclusivity, enriching the academic and social fabric of the ULM campus. 

The TRIO-SSS Program, alongside Jayce Crayne and the entire ULM community, demonstrated that through education and unity, even the most extraordinary phenomena can become catalysts for growth, understanding, and connection. According to Dr. Catherine Estis, Executive Director of TRIO Programs, “The event signified the wonders of the universe and our connection to that which is larger than ourselves. It is experiences such as this that create memories that last a lifetime. ULM TRIO Program aims to instill memories that positively change one’s life”. 

TRIO-SSS is one of the eight TRIO Programs fully funded through the U.S. Department of Education to assist first-generation, income-eligible students to remain in good academic standing and graduate from college. 

To learn more about the TRIO-SSS program or to apply, visit www.ulm.edu/trio  or stop by the TRIO-SSS office located in Strauss Hall room 206.