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ULM Bookstore - A great resource for  textbooks.  The ULM Bookstore will work with your students to get them your text books at a distance.

Help Desk - Problems logging into any of our computer systems? The ULM Help Desk is here to help.  The Help Desk can document any issues that you are having with your access and help solve those issues.  The Help Desk is available 7 days a week, for specific times and numbers please click on the link.

University Library - The University Library is an excellent resource even if your students are off campus.  Check out this Prezi to get accquainted with all the options ULM's library has to offer students at a distance. 

ULM Information Technology (IT) - The University provides great resources through Information Technology. Faculty can request access to software and programs like Blackboard Collaborate, Camtasia, and Snagit. Just be sure to fill out a form requesting the program or software you would like to use. 

Free Online Resources

Study Blue - A free online interactive study site that empowers learners to make their own study tools (such as digital flash cards) and take them anywhere (available on your smart devices too). Feel free to share this with your students (face to face and online).  In this digital day and age it's great to be able to take your study materials with you on your smart device.

Prezi - A new and innovative way to present information that's easy to use and encourages creativity, an alternative to a PowerPoint presentation or the like. You can sign up for free with an educator's membership.

Youtube - Everyone's favorite video library.  A great feature on youtube is that videos are given captions making whatever it is you want your students to see more accessible.  

GoAnimate - Create custom animations to accompany a lesson or concept from your course.  Create an assignment for students to illustrate a concept using the free version of this software.