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RT to BSRT Online Degree Program
Registered Technologist Education Plan


All RTEP students, both prospective and current, are advised by the Student Success Center. The academic advisor is charged with the duty of assisting you in academic matters and offering guidance consistent with programmatic requirements.  Students who elect to pursue an irregular enrollment sequence or who fail to progress through the curriculum in a normal manner due to academic deficiencies or through dropping of courses may encounter personal inconvenience and added expenses. You are reminded of the official University Policy concerning student responsibility published in the current University Catalog which states:  “Students are personally responsible for completing all requirements established for their degree by the University, College and Department.  It is the Student’s responsibility to become informed of these requirements.  A student’s advisor may not assume these responsibilities and may not substitute, waive or exempt the student from any established requirements or academic standard.” It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Student Success Center advisor with intentions for course registration, such as the semester, the number of hours you plan to take, etc. 

Prospective Students

General inquiries submitted to the eULM website will be replied to with general program information.  A more specific evaluation of previous coursework and admission procedures can be obtained at the prospective student's request by contacting the Student Success Center.  The Student Success Center will need transcripts to evaluate coursework; contact the Student Success Center for information regarding how and where to specifically send transcripts for evaluation. 


New Students

Upon acceptance to the University, the Student Success Center will provide you with a list of courses remaining during advising, and a tentative sequencing of courses based on your progression intentions (if provided by the student).  Be sure to retain this information throughout the program so you will be able to keep up with the courses you need to take each semester. 


All Students

Each semester, a "hold" is placed in the system that prohibits you from registering for courses until you have been advised.  Advising will take place following the publishing of the "Schedule of Classes".  The Schedule of Classes, which can be found through a link on the ULM website, contains the online courses for following semesters and is made available a few weeks before registration starts.  Registration for Summer and Fall courses usually begins around the first of April, and registration for Spring semester usually begins around the first of November.  Availability of courses varies, and occasionally enrollment is not guaranteed; to avoid this problem, students are advised to register the first day possible at the earliest time possible.