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Submission and Awards Forms

Note: All information and forms must be completed in order for us to process your request.

Proposal Stage

Mandatory Forms

1. Intent to Submit for Funding Form (<—Start here!)

2. Proposal Routing and Approval Form (PRAF) Cover Page [pdf] New! [rev. 9/20/17]

3. Conflict of Interest Form (COI) [xls] [rev. 11/4/19]

4. Budget Forms

ULM Internal Budget Worksheet-revised [xls] [rev. 11/03/21]


NIH Modular Budget Worksheet [xls] [rev. 7/26/13]

NIH Personnel Justification Template [doc] [4/27/10]

5. Subrecipient Commitment Form (if applicable) [pdf] New! [rev. 05/25/22]

Conditional Forms

Consortium Form [xls] [rev. 6/08/20]

Information Technology (IT) Approval Form [pdf] [rev. 11/16/21] - Due to Information Technology (IT) 15 working days in advance.  Contact Chance Eppinette for assistance.

Additional Compensation Questionnaire [pdf] [rev. 12/11/09]

F&A (Indirect Costs) Reduction Request [xls] New! [rev. 10/04/17]

Cost Sharing Commitment [xls] New! [4/1/2019]

Course Release Approval Form [xls] New! [03/09/22]

Deadline Variance Form [doc] [6/12/09]


Award Stage

Contract/MOUs/Agreements/Material Transfers/Sub Agreements

1. Agreement Routing Form [xls] [rev. 03/12/21]

Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA)

UBMTA implementing letter [doc] [11/5/13]

UBMTA Agreement [doc template] [11/5/13]

Award Management
Account Establishment

1. Project Master Budget (PMB) [xls] [rev. 07/28/22]

2. Information Technology (IT) Access Request - Banner Finance (for first time users not set up in PROD Banner)

2. Banner Security Access Request [pdf]

3. Cost share Transfer Form (Conditional) [doc] [rev. 6/24/10]

Project Changes

Budget and Project Revision [xls] [rev. 6/2/21]

Invention Disclosure Form [rev. 3/07/19]

Coming Soon - Change of PI and Key Personnel Request

Grant/Contract Closeout Certification [pdf] [4/15/10]