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Social Science Research Lab

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Goals and Services

Our Mission:

Since the research we conduct directly impacts the local economy, our students will serve as a working example that there are meaningful career opportunities in research and development locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Goals of the SSRL:

  • To encourage students to consider careers in research and development (R&D)
  • To develop a team of interdisciplinary research fellows who, in conjunction with efforts from our students and others, can provide R&D services for our greater business community 
  • To educate and train students on how to conduct research, where local and non-local internships augment this service-learning experience
  • To incorporate an intergenerational approach to service learning, where all members of the community become educated and involved in R&D
  • To encourage local entrepreneurs to invest in R&D, and augment these efforts by encouraging non-local entrepreneurs to invest in R&D on Louisiana’s northern frontier
  • To assist undergraduate and graduate students with R&D background to obtain meaningful and lucrative jobs in the region first, and then eventually, on the national scale
  • To provide basic and advanced research training to members of our community (i.e., lawyers, public officials, policy)
  • To develop community partnerships to strengthen the interest in R&D through service-learning applications 

Our Services:

The SSRL offers several services and projects to help evaluate businesses, non-profit organizations, or governmental agencies. These services include:

• Measurement (including reliability and validity studies)
• Research Design
• Data Collection and Management:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Controlled Experiments
  •  Analysis (Quantitative and Qualitative)