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Student Success Stories

Ashely's photo"The SSRL prepared me for the ins and outs of working with a community to achieve sensible goals and objectives. My opportunity as a Graduate Assistant at ULM really allowed me to take data and research and turn it into meaningful material that can be used to save lives and reduce the potential loss during a disaster."
- Ashley Lawrence


photo of Alex Holland“Thanks to the Social Science Research Lab and Dr. John Sutherlin, I was actively engaged with the Delta Regional Authority’s Delta Leadership Institute during my time as a ULM Graduate Assistant. Not only did I acquire the necessary skills and experience to succeed in my graduate programs, I was hired by the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) upon completion of my MBA and MPA. Now I live in Washington, D.C. and work for DRA as the Director of Federal Affairs and Strategic Programs, a position that allows me to work directly with the White House, other federal agencies, and congressional members to promote economic development activities in the Mississippi River Delta and Alabama Black Belt regions.”
- Alex Holland


"The anti-litter project with the SSRL enabled me to go to graduate school to pursue a Masters degree in Environmental Policy. The SSRL not only cultivated my interest in environmental policy, but also inspired me to continue my studies at the graduate level."
- F.C., Eunice, LA


"By actively involving myself in the SSRL, I was able to learn how to conduct research in the social sciences, and was eventually given the opportunity to present my findings at an academic conference. I wrote (and received) my first grant due to the skills I acquired while acquainted with the SSRL."
- H.H., Atlanta, GA


"The SSRL utilized the material I learned in class, and assisted me in the application of that material. With that, I was able to conduct a cost-benefit analysis for a local government agency. Now, I am pursuing my Masters in Public Administration, and have a governmental job position waiting for me upon the completion of my masters."
- D.D., West Monroe, LA


"For almost two years, I was given the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Sutherlin on a significant research project. During that time, I was able to enhance my research skills with the help of Dr. Sutherlin and the SSRL. Upon the completion of our project, he and I presented our findings at a conference, and our work was eventually published in an international journal."
- D.W., Washington, DC


"The SSRL assisted me in the attainment of an internship in New York, and I am now working in my chosen profession thanks to the skills I acquired working with Dr. Sutherlin and the lab (SSRL)."
- C.P., New Orleans, LA


“My involvement with the Social Science Research Lab provided me with invaluable knowledge of and experience with many different aspects of the research process. While working with Dr. McGahan in the SSRL, I was afforded many opportunities to gain research experience with such organizations as Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the MacArthur Foundation. My three years of experience with the SSRL played an integral part in improving my marketability as a student and a researcher, to the extent that I was accepted into the Master’s program of my choice shortly after graduating from ULM. The SSRL helped me advance numerous skills including grant writing, statistical analysis, project management, public speaking, survey development, and report preparation. Without my experience with the SSRL, I would not be as nearly as prepared to fulfill the demands of graduate school, as I use these skills regularly.”

- M.V., Monroe, LA