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Confidential Advisors

Confidential Advisors: Designated individuals who have been trained to aid a student involved in a sexual misconduct complaint in the resolution process as a confidential resource. As suggested by the term “confidential advisor,” confidential communications with the advisor will be kept confidential in all circumstances except where the institution or advisor may be required to disclose the communications under state and federal laws.

Employees, students and non-students may choose to access the assistance of a Confidential Advisor. The following persons are designated Confidential Advisors:

Ms. Karen Foster – ULM Counseling Center (318)342-5220

Ms. Kim Storm – ULM Counseling Center (318) 342-5220

Ms. Melanie Clark - The Wellspring (318) 323-1505

 The confidential advisor may, as appropriate, serve as a liaison between an alleged victim and the institution or local law enforcement when directed to do so in writing by an alleged victim who has been fully and accurately informed about what procedures shall occur if information is shared, and assist an alleged victim in contacting and reporting to a responsible employee or local law enforcement.

The confidential advisor is authorized to liaise with appropriate staff at the institution to arrange reasonable accommodations through the institution to allow the alleged victim to change living arrangements or class schedules, obtain accessibility services, or arrange other accommodations. (The same accommodations that are offered to the alleged victim may be offered to the accused.) Any requests for accommodations shall not trigger an investigation by the institution.

The confidential advisor is authorized to accompany the alleged victim when requested to do so by the alleged victim, to interviews and other proceedings of a campus investigation and institutional disciplinary proceedings. The confidential advisor is authorized to advise the alleged victim of, and provide written information regarding, both the alleged victim’s rights and the institution’s responsibilities regarding orders of protection, no-contact orders, restraining orders, or similar lawful orders issues by a court of competent jurisdiction or by the institution. The confidential advisor is not be obligated to report crimes to the institution or law enforcement in a way that identifies an alleged victim or an accused individual, unless otherwise required to do so by law.

Confidential Resources

ULM Counseling Center 
Across from Madison Hall
1140 University Avenue

ULM Student Health Center 
Across from Madison Hall
1140 University Avenue

Talking to a counselor or a nurse
does not constitute reporting the incident. However, the counselor or nurse can help you report the incident if you choose to do so.

Talking to a counselor or nurse or reporting the incident can be initiated at any time. Faculty and staff outside of these two areas are not confidential resources.

If a student discusses the incident with faculty or staff, with the exception of the Counseling Center or Health Services, the faculty or staff member is obligated to report the incident.

In the immediate aftermath of sexual misconduct such as sexual assault or rape, medical care and the collection of physical evidence are very important.

The individual should not shower, bathe, or change clothes and may be taken to the hospital emergency room or Student Health Services.

See Community Resources for local hospital information.