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Paying Tuition/Fees

ULM allows you to pay tuition and fees either in its entirety at the time of registration or with a payment plan arranged through ULM's Billing Office, located in Coenen Hall, Room 103.

You must pay at the beginning of an enrollment period a minimum of 1/3 tuition and fees, plus a processing fee. The remaining balance must be paid in two payments according to established payment deadlines determined by the Billing Office.

Note: The ULM Application Fee is waived for all U.S. veterans, per Louisiana's Board of Regents, the governing body for all institutions of Higher Education in the state.  Proof of current military service or a DD214 military separation form is required to provide this waiver.

Establishing your record (initial application) to receive VA benefits in the Regional VA Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma, usually takes some time. The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) stipulates that student-veterans cannot be certified to receive benefits until after classes begin during any enrollment period.

Therefore, your VA educational benefits may not have arrived in time to use them for tuition payment either at registration or by the first deadline (when basically 1/3 of tuition and fees are due) or even by the second or final payment deadlines.

Consequently, you should make your own arrangements to pay at least the first semester charges when the bill is due. After your Regional VA record is established and if you consistently maintain your enrollment status, you should receive your educational benefits as established by VA guidelines.

You may consider requesting Advanced Payment (AP) of VA educational benefits to assist you with paying your tuition and fee payment. However, if eligible to apply, the application for Advanced Payment must submitted to the Regional DVA Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma, no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of a ULM enrollment term.

Other requirements and restrictions regarding Advanced Payment may apply. Contact the VA School Certifying Official in Sandel Hall, Room 217 (Registrar's Office) for details.

Your VA educational benefits may be mailed to or deposited in your bank account on a monthly basis. You are encouraged to use direct deposit, which is arranged through the ULM's Office of Veterans Affairs.