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Women's Symposium

2016 Rising Professional Award: Brooke Foy

photo of Brooke Foy


Brooke Foy returned to her native Monroe/West Monroe less than 3 years ago, but it is evident that her mission belies the short time frame since her return.

With a vision to add to the beautification efforts in our area, and spearhead public art projects and education, she is committed to not only her professional art making and position as a collegiate art professor, but also her community that she lovingly refers to as “the 318.”

In 2015 she resurrected the defunct Summer Art Camp at ULM, teaching to young people ages of 8-14 and plans to grow Art Camp and to create many more collaborative camps with other organizations in the area.

Brooke established Arrow Public Art which can be seen in murals – “The One Mile of Love” along the Trenton Street Levee Wall is one example – as well as public sculptures, and the Garrett House, a new gallery for the Downtown Gallery Crawl.

Future plans include restorations of landmarks in the community and an annual art festival.

A 2006 graduate of ULM with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art and a 2009 graduate of the University of Memphis with a Master’s in Fine Arts, Brooke says, “If I can encourage young people to make art, love art, and want to see art, then I will help shape our community for the future.”