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Women's Symposium

ULM Women's Symposium Awards

The ULM Women's Symposium honors several individuals who have contributed to the fabric and empowerment of women and inclusion in northeast Louisiana. 

Legacy Award 

The highest recognition bestowed by the ULM Women's Symposium Board. The Legacy Award honors one extraordinary individual for her inspiration, dedication and significant contribution to her community.  The recipient of this award is known for her exemplary character, high level of integrity, and ability to treat others with respect. The award winner has created a legacy by charting a path for future generations of women. Nominees for this award have typically been active in their career and/or community for at least 10 years. 

2019 recipient: Betty Scott Cummins


Distinguished Leader Award

Honors a woman who has demonstrated a continual level of notable, sustained, and outstanding contributions throughout her career. The recipient of this award has excelled within a single organization or through collaboration with others. The award winner makes an extraordinary effort to build relationships while providing exceptional guidance, leadership, and dedication to the organization she is a part of. Nominees for this award have typically been active in their career field and/or community for at least 5 years.

2019 recipient: Susan Hoffman


Rising Professional Award 

Honors a woman who is making significant contributions as a young professional. The recipient of this award strives to positively influence and inspire others and displays outstanding involvement in her chosen field and/or community. Nominees for this award have typically been active in their career and/or community 5 years or less. 

2019 recipient: Kandice Guice

Vanguard Award

Honors an individual or group that has lead by example both in and out of the workplace/organization to support gender equality. The recipient(s) believes gender inclusion is a part of effective talent management, provides gender-aware mentoring and coaching opportunities, and practices other-focused leadership. Nominees for the award may be male or female and have typically been active in their career field/industry and the community for at least 7 years. This is a new Award for 2018.  

2019 recipient: Dr. Eric Pani


Emerging Student Leader Award

Honors a ULM student who contributes to the empowerment, motivation, and encouragement of fellow peers and fosters positive change.The recipient of this award shows exemplary leadership qualities through student organizations, academic excellence, and community service. The award winner represents the student body with a high regard of respect and inclusion. Nominees for this award must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA. This is a new award for 2018. 

2019 recipient: Sydney Canfield


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