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The computing center requires that all university owned machines have an antivirus software installed. For your convenience and due to varying software requirements, contact the Helpdesk (#3333) to schedule antivirus installation.

University Licensed Software

Here at ULM, some personal computer software is available through a campus software site license. This software is available to any currently employed faculty or staff member. To secure a copy of any available site licensed software from the Computing Center do the following:
-1- Obtain a PC software Request form from the Computing Center.
-2- Have your department head validate the request.
-3- Sign the form indicating adherence to the terms stated.
The PC Software Request Form may be obtained from the administrative office of the Computing Center, Lib 302 or the Customer Support desk in Lib 116 or from the link below. The requester should bring the completed form to the service desk in the University Library, room 116. At that point the requested software will be distributed to the requester. In the event that the requested software is temporarily unavailable, a date and time for pickup will be given.
The user is expected to install his own software package. In the event that he fails after more than one try, assistance will be provided. Due to the limited number of personnel available, the Computing Center is able to provide only minimal technical assistance.
The software request form must be completed for each individual using the software. The reason for this is that the Microsoft Office products are licensed so that it can be taken home and loaded onto an employee's personal computer. The software must be removed from the home computer when an individual terminates employment with ULM.
NOTE: For those responsible for lab support, a separate form is available to document the number of PCs, locations, etc. (see below)

***A list of software available is contained below.

Note: various departments and colleges within the university may have other software licenses than listed below.

Software Available at ULM

Office 365 (see link for help & information)
Windows XP Professional (suggested that you consult w/ Computing Center staff before installing)
Windows 7 Professional  (suggested that you consult w/ Computing Center staff before installing) 

SPSS v.21, v.22

Software Request Forms

For labs areas, use this form:
Lab Software Request Online Form 
For individual offices and areas, use this form
Individual Software Request Form pdf