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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Committees 2013-2014

Executive Board Committee Selection
John Anderson, President & Chair Karen Frye, Chair
Christine Cumming Strunk, Secretary David Caldwell
Joshua Stockley, President-Elect Jana Giles
Chris Gissendanner, Secretary-Elect  
Paul W. Sylvester, Past-President  
Faculty Advisory Council Constitution and Bylaws Committee
TBD, (ULM Representative) Jana Giles, Chair
TBD (Alternate) Karen Niemla
  C. Turner Wilson
Academic Standards Committee Elections Committee
David Caldwell, Chair Karen Niemla, Chair
Karen Frye Anna Hill (Arts and Sciences)
Jessica Lasiter Hollis Bray (Business Administration)
Chris Gissendanner John Nelson Pope (Education and Human Development)
John Nelson Pope Jessica Lasiter (Health Sciences)
Claire Vangelisti David Caldwell (Pharmacy)
C. Turner Wilson  
Paul Wiedemeier  
Faculty Welfare
(includes Faculty Handbook sub-committee)
Fiscal Affairs Committee
Keith Jackson, Chair Joshua Stockley, Chair
Christine Cumming Strunk Hollis Bray
Debra Craighead Paul Sylvester
Neil White  
Paul Wiedemeier Honors Council Representative
  Joshua Stockley