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Katie Dawson,
Coordinator of Online Programs, eULM

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As faculty members you have a full work load, and it can be hard to keep up with changing technology or innovative online teaching methods.  That's where I can help! 

Hi, I'm Katie Dawson the Coordinator of Online Programs in the department of eULM. This section of the website is here as a resource for those teaching or developing courses online. You can access information to help improve your courses for ULM students, find out about programs that are offered through the University to enhance teaching online, and learn what your colleagues are doing in their online courses. Check out the useful links page for a quick link to helpful ULM resources and free resources available online. If you know of a link that could be useful to other faculty, please let us know.  The department of eULM will be featuring Blog posts on a variety of topics and may have special guest bloggers share their thoughts and expertise on a variety of subjects, active learning strategies, and pedagogy. 

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with your questions about Quality Matters, innovative teaching strategies, or online course development. I am happy to work on ideas or look for software to help improve courses taught online.  Periodically throughout the semester eULM will offer training and discussions on various online learning topics. Please let me know if there's a topic that you would like to know more about. I'm here and happy to help!                                      

Upcoming Events - Fall 2017

August 21 - First day of Classes for Full-term and 1st 8-Week Sessions

September 19 - Midterm Grades Due @3pm for 1st 8-Week Session Courses

October 11 - Midterm Grades Due for Full-term Coruses

October 16 - Final Grades Due @ 3pm for 1st 8-Week Session Courses/Beginning of 2nd 8-Week Sessions

November 13 - Midterm Grades Due @3pm for 2nd 8-Week Session Courses

December 4 - Final Grades Due @ 3pm for December Graduates

December 11 - Final Grades Due @ 3pm for All Other Students