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Housing Exemption Information (off-campus housing)

Individuals seeking an exemption to the University of Louisiana System’s mandatory on-campus housing requirement are required to meet with the Off-Campus Housing Officer in the Office of Auxiliary Enterprises prior to making any off-campus housing reservations.

Applicants should review, fill out, and submit those forms requested for the allowable exemption.  You can fax, email, or mail your application to the Office of Auxiliary Enterprises.  Their contact information is:

Phone: (318)342-5242
Fax:     (318)342-3505
Email:  auxiliary@ulm.edu

Address: Office of Auxiliary Enterprises
              Sandel Hall 387
              700 University Ave.
              Monroe, LA 71209 

Applicants seeking exemption to the University of Louisiana System’s mandatory on-campus housing requirement must meet any one (1) of the University’s allowable exemptions and perform the prescribed procedures before being considered. Applicants should read and follow all required steps prior to submitting their application to the Office of Auxiliary Enterprises.

To assist you in this process, please review:

Housing Exemption Policy

ULM Medical Form

Off Campus Housing Application

Memorandum of Understanding

Notary Letter

Deadline Dates

A completed application is due to the Office of Auxiliary Enterprises (Sandel Hall 387) no later than May 1st for the Fall semester, November 15th for the Spring semester and no later than April 15th for the summer semester.  Appeals will be heard by the Housing Appeals Committee immediately after the deadlines when possible.  The Housing Appeals Committee decision is final. 

Please note:

> Students who currently live in the Bayou Village apartments may not cancel their contract mid-year unless you are graduating or will not be returning to ULM the following semester.

> If your request to move off campus is granted, you are required to complete a room cancellation form at the office of Residential Life.  ULM cannot remove the room or meal plan charge until this is done.   

> Deadlines and additional information regarding off-campus housing is e-mailed to your @warhawks.ulm.edu address.  It is recommended you check your ULM e-mail address often.

>  Students who automatically qualify for off-campus housing are required to submit the off-campus housing application by the appropriate deadline or it will not be considered.