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warhawk express accepted hereThe WARHAWK EXPRESS CARD brings you CONVENIENCE AND SECURITY ... no longer do you have carry cash or open a bank account to pay for purchases on the ULM campus. Your ULM ID Card becomes your WARHAWK EXPRESS CARD simply by rolling a portion of your refund to your Warhawk Express account at the same time you register for classes and start enjoying the convenience of cash-free purchasing power on- and off-campus!

No more fumbling for bills or digging for change! Skip the long lines for check approvals! No account-origination charges! Never any overdraft fees!

No NSF charges! Never affects your credit! You’ll never have to find an ATM to get cash for your school-related purchases and your credit score will never be affected!

What is "WARHAWK EXPRESS" and how does it work?

WARHAWK EXPRESS is the convenient way ULM students pay for purchases on- and off-campus. It works like a gift card. Depending on your needs, you select a sum of money to activate your account and the amount will appear on your fee/bill. Every time you make a purchase, you give your WARHAWK EXPRESS CARD to the cashier.

Your card is passed through the register and the amount of purchase is electronically deducted from your pre-deposited account via the secure, encrypted magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Each time you make a purchase with your WARHAWK EXPRESS card, the remaining balance will be displayed at the register so you'll always know how much you have left in your account.

It's simple, instead of charging purchases and receiving monthly bills, you electronically debit against the stored value in your account.

What are the benefits?

Convenience ... You no longer have to fumble for bills or change to pay for your snacks in the Convenience Store, Books and Supplies in the Bookstore, or refreshments at the concession stands at athletic events.

Security ... It's safer than carrying cash. Since your photo and encoded identification number are encrypted on your ULM I.D. Card, it's virtually impossible for someone else to use your card.

Flexibility ... It provides the flexibility you deserve. When you need to make a last-minute purchase at the bookstore or want an energy bar from a vending machine before the big exam, when you carry your WARHAWK EXPRESS Card, there's no worry.

Money Management ... It is an excellent money management budgeting tool helping you plan for your school-related purchases.

It also helps supplement your Meal Plan Flex Dollars when your Flex balance is low.

Will My Account Remain Active From One Semester to the Next?

Your WARHAWK EXPRESS balance will roll from one semester to the next, and continue to do so as long as you are enrolled. The University will deactivate accounts not used during a 120-day period. Reactivation simply requires a visit to the Warhawk ID Services Office.

How Can I Keep Track of My Transactions?

Transactions are recorded by time, date, location, and amount. Account statements are available the following business day at the Warhawk ID Services Office.

Where Can I Use the Warhawk Express?

On-campus at:


Off campus at

Catfish Charlie's
2329 Louisville Ave.
Monroe, LA

China Cafe
2820 Louisville Ave.
Monroe, LA

CVS Pharmacy
2901 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA

CVS Pharmacy
1710 Louisiville Ave.
Monroe, LA

Daily Harvest
1105 Forsythe Ave
Monroe, LA

Daily Press
2899 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA

Domino's Pizza
1405 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA

El Chile Verde
8211 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA

Jimmy John’s
1300 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA 71203

Lux Beauty Supply
1310 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA  71203

Monago Fieldhouse Grill
1510 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA

Newks Eatery
2320 Tower Dr.
Monroe, LA

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
2252 Tower Drive Ste. 107
Monroe, LA

Papa John's
2820 Louisville Ave.
Monroe, LA.

2230 Tower Drive
Monroe, LA

2352 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA

DeSiard, Forsythe, & Louisville in Monroe
Thomas Rd. in West Monroe

Stepping Up Beauty Supply
3300 Renwick St.
Monroe, LA

TRI Textbook of Monroe
4008 DeSiard St.
Monroe, LA

University U-Pak-It
912 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA

Warhawk Books
39000 DeSiard St.
Monroe, LA

Waterfront Grill
5201 DeSiard Street
Monroe, LA

1004 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA

2340 Sterlington Rd.
Monroe, LA


Can I Take Cash Out?

No, you cannot take cash out. You can only make deposits to your account. Your purchase amounts are deducted from your account and your remaining balance is displayed at the register. Cash refunds are not made for returned merchandise. A credit will be made to your account for the value of the returned merchandise within (5) business days form the time the merchandise is returned.

What if I lose My Card?

If the card is lost or stolen, contact Warhawk ID Services immediately at 318-342-5002 or by email at idcard@ulm.edu. As soon as you notify the Warhawk ID Services Office, your account is frozen and a hold will be placed on your card prohibiting further purchases.

Soon after your phone message, you must report your ID card loss in person to the Warhawk ID Services Office. There is a replacement charge of $15.00 for cards lost, stolen, or damaged. For your protection this card is non-transferable and its use is restricted to the person whose photo and signature are on the card. You may not lend your card to anyone or ask them to purchase items for you with your card.

How Do I add funds to my Warhawk Express account?

For your convenience, prior to the fee payment deadline, Warhawk Express is available through Banner, the web-based student information and registration system.

To add money to your account after fee payment deadline, go to LA Capitol Federal Credit Union in University Commons II or to Student Account Services in Coenen Hall.

Terms and Conditions: Warhawk Express

1. Minimum to open an Warhawk Express Account is $25.00. Minimum deposit is $5.00. Maximum deposit is $1,000.00.

2. Warhawk Express balances will be carried forward from semester to semester until a student graduates or withdraws (resigns) from school. Following the withdrawal ("W") date each semester, refunds are made only in writing at the Warhawk ID Services Office. There is a $10.00 processing fee when closing an account. Refunds are processed through Higher One and refunded according to the option you selected. Partial refunds of balance are not made. NO CASH WITHDRAWALS PERMITTED AT ANY TIME.

3. Lost or stolen card account balances cannot be protected until card is reported lost or stolen and invalidated by the Warhawk ID Services Staff. Only the balance at the time the card is reported missing and is invalidated can be protected.

4. Warhawk Express balances are carried forward from semester to semester as long as the student is enrolled. Faculty/Staff balances will be carried as long as the individual remains employed. The University reserves the right to deactivate an account not used during a 120-day period. Reactivation will require a visit to the Warhawk ID Services Office.

5. Cash refunds are not made for returned merchandise. A credit will be made to your account for the value of the returned merchandise within five (5) business days from the time the merchandise is returned.

6. Warhawk Express accounts can be opened at any time. After fee payment, new accounts will be opened and deposits to existing accounts will be taken at LA Capitol Federal Credit Union. Deposits to accounts will normally be available the same business day.

7. There is a replacement charge of $15.00 for cards lost, stolen, or damaged. For any Social Security number or name change, there will be a $15.00 charged.

8. Future changes in terms and conditions regulating use of this card will apply to all cards in circulation and use at that future date and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired.

Mailing Address:

The University of Louisiana at Monroe
Warhawk ID Services
700 University Ave.
Monroe, LA 71209-5500

Campus Location:

Warhawk ID Services
4031 Northeast Drive
University Commons II

Phone: 318-342-5002

Questions can be emailed to: idcard@ulm.edu