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Office of
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The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for all academic endeavors for the university.

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    ULM offers an affordable education taught by exceptional faculty
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    One-third of Louisiana's NWS forecasters are graduates of ULM's Atmospheric Science program
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    Accounting grads outscore LA public colleges students with the highest passage rate on the CPA exam
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    ULM's Mobile Dental Hygiene Unit provides free services to the underserved in a hands-on learning environment
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    ULM has Louisiana's only CAAHEP accredited exercise science undergraduate and exercise physiology graduate programs
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    100% of Pharmacy students secure jobs before graduation; annual salaries average $115,000
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    ULM offers a student-focused curriculum
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    ULM's exceptional faculty provide real-world, hands-on training and experience.
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    ULM's exceptional faculty provide real-world, hands-on training and experience.
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    ULM offer courses for college credit through the Dual Enrollment Program for selected high school students
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    ULM offers a student-focused curriculum
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    Discover You, Discover ULM!

Vision Statement

Within the decade, The University of Louisiana at Monroe will be recognized as a preeminent student-centered university with learning as its primary goal.

Mission Statement

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is a selective admissions, comprehensive senior institution of higher education. It offers high quality academic and professional programs to meet the intellectual, cultural, vocational, social, and personal needs of its students. The University offers both traditional and innovative graduate and undergraduate programs in the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences; the College of Business and Social Sciences; and the College of Health Sciences; and the College of Pharmacy.


ULM’s mission is to serve its students and community through teaching, research, and service. On a dynamic and diverse campus that is technologically modern and conducive to learning, students are nurtured and encouraged to broaden their values, intellect, interests, talents, and abilities to become thoughtful and productive citizens.


ULM also recognizes its responsibility as a community leader and is committed to improving the general quality of life through pure and applied research, clinics, teacher education, and partnerships.


A major center for the health sciences, the university provides the public with valuable health care resources. Recreational opportunities are offered through intramural and intercollegiate athletic programs.


Learning is ULM ’s main focus. Faculty and staff are committed to offering a complete educational experience. ULM’s goal is to produce graduates who will be successful in their chosen fields by promoting excellence in education and stressing social responsibility and individual accountability.


The university serves its students and the community by sponsoring quality research programs and creative activities that promote learning and improve the quality of life. This research includes, but is not limited to, public and scholarly presentations and publications on every level. Such activities give the university a competitive advantage, and each academic department is challenged to be actively engaged in research. Extramural funding and grant writing are valuable kinds of scholarly activity, and ULM supports faculty efforts in securing such research funds.


ULM also serves the community by sharing its expertise and facilities with the public. The region’s quality of life is improved through University partnerships and internships with other academic institutions and with both public and private entities. Through its physical and academic resources, ULM serves as a cultural center to promote the area’s unique arts, archaeology, history, folk life, and natural sciences.