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FAQs While We Connect Online

What are the admissions requirements?

• 2.35 minimum high school GPA and 2.0 CORE GPA

• ACT English composite of 18 OR ACT Math composite of 19.

How do I check my application status?

To check your application status, you can go onto the same platform you accessed when you applied ( This platform also allows you to see what supplemental items, such as test scores and transcripts, you are missing.

If you are still confused about how to do this, you can contact your recruiter at any time.

How do I know who my recruiter is?

Your ULM recruiter is assigned based on where you live.

Be sure to connect to your recruiter when they visit your high school or attend your college fair.

If you still don’t know who your recruiter is, click on the link below to find out:

How do I submit my test scores/transcript?

To submit your ACT/SAT scores:

• Go to the official ACT/SAT websites ( and and request that your official scores be sent to us.

• ULM’s ACT code is 1598 and the SAT code is 6482.

To submit your high school transcript:

• Contact your high school counselor and request for them to send it to us!

• Email your transcript to your recruiter as well as

How do I apply?

Please be sure to write down your login information so that you may look back on it later to check your application status.

How do I apply for and pay for housing?

Once you get accepted into ULM, you can use this link to find housing requirements, our different resident halls, as well as the link to apply for housing.

To pay for housing, you can do so through the website, over the phone to our LA Capitol bank, or send a check in the mail to our ULM Residential Life Office.

What happens if I want to change my major before school starts?

Changing your major before school starts is super easy. If you head over to this website you can change it in no time.

You will also have the opportunity to change your major this summer at PREP (Freshman Orientation).

How do I get involved on campus?

ULM has over 100 different organizations on campus that leave you with endless options of things to do! Once you arrive on campus, you will learn all about the organizations. Just keep your eyes and ears open for these opportunities!

What’s my next move once I’ve been admitted to ULM?

Once admitted, students will need to:

• Complete and submit your FASFA

• Apply for housing and pay your deposit

• Register for PREP

• Pack up your things, learn how to wash your own clothes, and get excited for the next four years of your life!


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