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Precision Agriculture & UAS Research Center

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is number one in precision agriculture and unmanned aircraft systems research in the state of Louisiana.

The center is developing best practices for drone pilots and exploring the use of sUAS technology integration into a variety of industries such as:

photo of drone in field• Construction

• Law Enforcement

• Flood Mitigation

• Industrial Inspection

• Cinematography

• Remote Sensing

• Photogrammetric

• Aerial Mapping

• Surveying

• Natural Disasters

• and much more

This center is setting the foundation for future infrastructure in the state of Louisiana, providing the state with productive sUAS professionals whose research is innovative and provides extensive analytical data to community leaders.

Our UAS-drone fleet size is impressive, with both fixed-wing, quadcopter, octocopter, and VTOL aircraft. Cameras, sensors, software programs, processing computers, and much more are always the latest updated models of their kind such as high-resolution color, multi-spectral imaging, hyper-spectral imaging, and LIDAR.