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Drone Services


Aerial Imaging

We can provide you with captivating visual content, capturing breathtaking aerial imagery and videos from unique angles and perspectives. Visuals that give clients marketing material to showcase their products, services, or locations in a visually appealing and engaging way. Clients love our aerial videos showcasing large-scale events capturing the scale and excitement of participants at music festivals, sports competitions, trade shows, field days, holiday events, and so much more. Highlighting event's atmosphere, crowd size, and overall experience, generating interest and encouraging attendance in future events.

Drone Inspection

Be more efficient and safer with our drone inspection services which enable efficient and safe inspections of structures that may be difficult, dangerous, or costly to access using traditional methods. Inspections include buildings, bridges, power lines, water towers, roofing etc. You will receive high-resolution Imaging/video as we utilize our high-resolution cameras that capture detailed imagery of the inspected areas. Providing clients with a close-up view, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of the structure's condition, identifying potential defects, damages, or maintenance requirements. We utilize thermal Imaging drones to detect temperature variations. Thermal imaging can identify heat leaks, electrical issues, or roofing issues and much more, creating a proactive team and preventing potential failure. 

Survey & Mapping/Volumetrics 

We can create 3D mapping and modeling images to be used for accuracy during inspection providing a comprehensive overview of the structures, fields, sites, etc. allowing for the analyses of angles, measuring distances, volumes, or conduct simulations to assess its structural integrity. We can provide surveying of roads, drainage systems, water ways, construction sites, and/or a progression model.


For a quote, please contact Darrion Flunder-Jenkins at or 318-342-1168.