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About the Dance Department


Fuoco Fatuo

Fuoco Fatuo, 2017 Fall Fusion



The ULM Dance Department offers a wide variety of classes, performances, and opportunities to all interested in the performing arts.  Not only do we emphasize classical training in ballet and modern styles but at the same time we encourage students to cross over into other genres -- jazz, tap, musical theater, folk, and social dance.  The department welcomes students of all abilities, from the beginner who wishes to dance for fun to the experienced dancer looking to refine her or his skills and challenge the body as well as the mind.  Students have an opportunity to perform in the department's bi-yearly concerts through the ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble.  The Repertory Ensemble accepts membership through an audition process.  Please check the ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble page for more details.



 cool spr 15
"Cool" from West Side Story

america west side story spr15 dress rehearsal

 "America" from West Side Story

photos by Emi Harris & jeanette


   For Baba

  For Baba