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Congratulations to our newest Rep members!

Celeste Guichard

Samantha Hughes

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ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble, Spring 2019
The mission of the ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble is to develop art, artists, and an audience for all forms of dance through education, creative experiences, and performances.  Performances include but are not limited to: the departmental Fusion Dance Concerts; University musicals and operas; and VAPA sponsored programs as well as University events. Students are selected to the program by a bi-yearly audition process.  Involvement allows students to develop skills in choreographic design, dance style, movement quality and musicality, all under performance conditions.  Works, choreographed by faculty, guest artists and students, in the primary concert dance forms of ballet, modern, jazz, and tap are produced, allowing for a diverse and moving performance season.



ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble
Spring 2019



ULM Repertory Dance Ensemble auditions for FALL 2020 participation:

All perspective members must audition to be accepted into the Dance Repertory Ensemble. At this time, we are only accepting video audition submissions. The deadline to submit is Sunday, April 26th by 11:59pm. 

*Participation in the audition will also put you in consideration for a Talent Grant Award.  There are limited positions in the Repertory Dance Ensemble as well as Talent Grants.

Submission Guidelines

  • The entire body must be framed in the recording
  • The ballet and modern sections must be filmed in profile view 

Required Sections


  • Plie exercise in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th position
  • Tendu exercise
  • Rond de jambe

Modern Dance

  • Demonstrate a contraction and release of the torso
  • Demonstrate a fall and recovery
  • Demonstrate a spiral and sit roll

 Jazz Dance

  • Demonstrate either a single or double pirouette with your choice of preparation, four times both right and left sides

 Dance Solo

  • In the genre/style that showcases your talent
  • The solo may be choreographed by the applicant or another person. Please give credit to the choreographer if solo is not the applicant’s choreography
  • 90 seconds in length


Video submissions can be shared via YouTube, Vimeo or Google Drive. Please email the link to your video and any necessary passwords to mullone@ulm.edu and kanamoto@ulm.edu