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Congratulations to our newest Rep members!
Hannah Hudnall
Brandis Johnson
Naomi Kilpratrick
DeAndra Lemalle
Crystal Martin
Delaney Morgan
Jada Owens
Erin Perry
Victoria Sterling


ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble, Spring 2019
The mission of the ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble is to develop art, artists, and an audience for all forms of dance through education, creative experiences, and performances.  Performances include but are not limited to: the departmental Fusion Dance Concerts; University musicals and operas; and VAPA sponsored programs as well as University events. Students are selected to the program by a bi-yearly audition process.  Involvement allows students to develop skills in choreographic design, dance style, movement quality and musicality, all under performance conditions.  Works, choreographed by faculty, guest artists and students, in the primary concert dance forms of ballet, modern, jazz, and tap are produced, allowing for a diverse and moving performance season.



ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble
Spring 2019




ULM Repertory Dance Ensemble auditions for Spring 2020 participation:

Saturday, November 16, 2019
Brown Annex, Studios 120 & 122
ULM Campus
Doors will open at 9:30 a.m.

No prepared audition is required.  Please be prepared to audition in all styles: ballet, modern dance, jazz and tap.  Participation in the audition will also put you in consideration for a Talent Grant Award.  There are limited positions in the Repertory Dance Ensemble as well as Talent Grants. Please sign-up for the audition in the ULM Dance Department, Brown Annex, rooms 116 or 114. 

For more information, please contact: Robin Stephens, stephens@ulm.edu or Tina Mullone, mullone@ulm.edu.