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The ULM Dance Department offers a 21 credit hour minor study in dance. Dance technique classes are complemented by courses in Dance History, Workshop (Choreography), Pedagogy, and Dance Organization & Administration. Students also have the opportunity to dance and perform with the official performance troupe, the ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble. This opportunity is available through a biyearly audition process. Performances include but are not limited to the departmental Fusion Dance Concerts, University musicals and operas, and VAPA sponsored programs and events. The ULM Dance Department has professional associations with the American College Dance Association (ACDA, South Region), National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), and the Louisiana Alliance for Dance (LAD).


Minor Degree Plan

Required                                             21 credits

The following are worth 1 credit:

Dance 1012   Tap I                                      
Dance 2012    Tap II                                    

Dance 1014    Jazz I                                   
Dance 2014    Jazz II                                   

Dance 1025    Modern I                               
Dance 2009    Modern II                              

Dance 1026    Ballet I                                 
Dance 2016    Ballet II                                 

Dance 1028    Theater Dance I                    
Dance 2028    Theater Dance II                   

The following are worth 3 credits:

Dance 4005    Administration of Dance        
Dance 4024    Workshop/Choreography       
Dance 4027    Pedagogy                              
Dance 4092    Dance History                        
Dance 4093    Repertory Dance Ensemble   
Total dance classes required:                18 credits                

Pick 3 from the following courses which are worth 1 credit:
Dance 1022    Aerobic Dance/Fitness for the Dancer
Dance 1027    Social Dance                         
Dance 1029    Folk Dance                           
Dance 4094    Summer Dance Workshop     
Dance 4095    Directed Study                      
Kines  4032    Kinesiology & Biomechanics (3 credits)                      

Total hours:                                       21 credits

Past graduates have completed the minor
in the following majors: Business Management,
French, Kinesiology, Mass Communications
& Psychology.

What can I do with a dance minor?

There are a number of job options with a minor degree in dance.  A few of those are:

•  Dance Studio Owner/Teacher

•  Professional Dancer/Choreographer

•  Public School Teacher

•  Exercise Physiologist/Physical Therapist

•  Arts Administrator

•  Dance Critic/Writer/Researche•  Dance Therapy