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Freshman Writing Program

We take reading and writing skills seriously because we take your success in future endeavors seriously. 

We've heard from CEOs of companies, prison wardens, business managers, and lawyers that strong communications skills are among the most important keys to success in any field.

Even though the tasks may be difficult and the learning curve high, students who rise to the challenge of our faculty pass notes of gratitude and appreciation back to us later in their careers when they find doors opening for them.

On these pages you will find the professional standards by which we live and work, and we expect all of our writing students to enter in and live by them, as well.



English 1001: Composition I
Composition of analytical, expository, and argumentative writing; emphasizes writing as a process.

English 1002: Composition II
Composition of in-depth analytical and argumentative writing using documentation and research. Prerequisite: C or better in ENGL 1001.

Standards for Content and Organization in Papers

Departmental Rubric




Use Language

Revise and Proofread

Additional Resources

Class Attendance Regulations - see the ULM Academic (Undergraduate) Catalog

Academic Cheating and Plagiarism Policy - see the Student Policy Manual [pdf]