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Master's in English

Why Come to ULM for a Master's Degree in English?

Our graduates go on to earn Ph.D.'s from schools such as Auburn University, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Texas A&M, the University of Arkansas,  Louisiana State University, and the University of Oklahoma.

Curriculum, Course Descriptions and related information are available in the ULM Graduate Catalog.


Application process

In brief, the process requires that you submit an application and send transcripts to the Graduate School. Also, if you want an assistantship or work study position, you will submit an assistantship/work study application and 3 letters of reference from professors to the English department.

For more detail, see the assistantships & work study information Graduate School website.

What to expect from us during the application process

The Graduate School and the department of English will keep you informed at various stages of the process: when your application is forwarded to the department, when the department decides on your admission and admission status, and when the department determines whether you will receive an assistantship or work study position. If you have questions at any time, feel free to contact the Faculty Coordinator of the Graduate program in English:



Professor Jack Heflin

Walker Hall 3-102

(318) 342-1521






Contact the ULM Graduate School to apply.

Other Information

Entrance requirements for regular admission

18 hours of prior English courses (12 upper level, 6 lower level) with a 3.0 grade point average.

Overall GPA of 2.5 or better.

Highly qualified applicants from other disciplines will be considered with the submission of a 10-page writing sample, which will be evaluated by the Graduate Director of English.

Three types of admissions to the ULM English Graduate Program

Regular admission indicates a completed application, including final transcripts, and acceptance to the MA program without qualification.

Provisional admission indicates an incomplete application.  Perhaps you are still in school, so the final transcripts are pending, or you may have course deficiencies to make up.

Conditional admission indicates that you have completed your application. However, since you have a lower undergraduate GPA than we require for regular admission, you must earn at least a 3.0 GPA in your first semester of the MA program.