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To apply for any of these positions, please follow the instructions in the advertisement.
Do not send your application materials to the ULM Graduate School.
Last Updated 8/31/22

NEW Fall 2022 Positions

ULM Post Office / Copy Center is hiring a Graduate Assistant who will have a clean driving record, a driver’s license, and be familiar with ULM’s campus.  Duties include picking up ULM’s mail and packages M-Friday at 7:30 a.m. from the main post office on Old Sterlington Rd / assisting with day to day duties at the Post Office / delivering mail to ULM offices and Residence Halls / managing the mail room customer service window which includes receiving orders for the Copy Center /  retrieving mail and packages for customers / handling mail to be metered and any other special projects which may arise.  Applicant needs to have mornings free if at all possible. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Tommy Walpole at


Fall 2022  

ULM Athletics Compliance is looking to hire a Graduate Assistant to assist the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Assistant Director of NCAA. Applicants will be responsible for understanding and interpreting NCAA rules and regulations and initial and continuing eligibility guidelines. Assists with the recruiting process, including but not limited to eligibility information via the NCAA Eligibility Center, official and unofficial visits, and recruiting logs. Assists in the maintenance of all NCAA required form(s); assists in securing and submission of transfer release(s). Updating the coaches on the status of prospective student-athletes through the NCAA Eligibility Center. Assists in providing High School transcript evaluations in regards to initial eligibility updates Athletic Department and compliance policy and procedure manual. Research and analyze interpretations of NCAA and Sun Belt rules using the NCAA Division I Manual and NCAA Legislative Services Database (LSDBi). Create and update compliance-related forms and educational documents; edit and maintain the information within the compliance database. Monitor compliance software for recruiting and playing and practice seasons. Coordinating daily, weekly, and monthly updates to coaches and staff. Facilitate the player pass list and recruiting pass lists for ticketed sports – will be required to work all 6 home football games and occasionally basketball, baseball, and softball if necessary; and other duties that will be assigned as needed. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Erika Cheung at

ULM Athletics | Track & Field is looking to hire a graduate assistant to the full-time coaching staff in all areas of program operations including practices, competitions, recruiting, academic monitoring, and other additional aspects of the operation of the Men's and Women's Cross Country / Track & Field programs. Additional compensation is possible if needed outside of the fall and spring semesters. Preference will be given to those with previous coaching or competition experience in the sport of track & field at the collegiate level. This position is open to all event disciplines but will require the candidate to be versatile in working with various event groups where needed. The candidate must have a commitment to adhering to all rules and regulations of ULM, the Sun Belt Conference, and the NCAA. Interested applicants will need to email a cover letter, resume, and references to Coach Honeycutt at

ULM Athletics is looking to hire a Grad Assistant in the area of facility and event management. Applicants will be responsible for assisting with a variety of tasks and functions related to the day-to-day management of athletic events and facilities. Assisting game managers with game-day operations for all athletic home events. Coordinating with officiating crews for all athletic home events. Crowd control at all events at athletic facilities. Assist with coordination and oversight for all home games and special events. Ensuring a positive game environment and atmosphere. Assisting in monitoring maintenance, organization, safety, and upkeep of facilities. Assist the Director of Facilities with day-to-day facility maintenance, including coordination with Physical Plant and Fixx Tickets, and assisting with training interns and student workers.

ULM Athletics | Women’s Tennis is looking for a Graduate Assistant for a coaching position. The applicants will be responsible for assisting the Head Coach with practice, planning, preparation, and execution. Assisting the Head Coach in scheduling, transportation, lodging, and meal accommodations. Attending all practices, games, and team events is mandatory. Applicants will also need to assist the head coach with team travel, housing, and meals with the department secretary. Demonstrate leadership, sportsmanship, and conduct becoming of the coaching profession adhering to all college and professional sports association guidelines Applicants will also need to know how to string racquets. Preferred qualifications for this role include playing and/or coaching experience at the collegiate high level and/or 1-3 years of experience coaching. Interested applicants will need to email a resume and cover letter with 3 references to

ULM Athletics | Men’s Golf is looking to hire a Graduate Assistant for the span of Fall 2022 until the Spring 2024 semesters. The candidate must have a strong background in golf along with exquisite communication, organizational and supervisory skills with the ability to show mature and responsible leadership and work well in a team environment. The position intitles; understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing, drills, course management, etc. Knowledge of the basic rules of golf. Efficient multi-tasking, time management, and organizational skills. Assist in maintaining golf facilities. Assisting in organizing, scheduling, and running practices, including transportation. Communicating with players via email, GroupMe, text messages, or phone calls. Recruiting efforts, including campus visits, assisting in fundraising efforts, leading community service efforts, and managing social media accounts Prior NCAA playing and/or coaching experience is preferred. Interested applicants need to send a resume and cover letter as well as two letters of recommendation to



Application Materials (application and 3 letters of recommendation) should be submitted directly to the hiring supervisor for the position you are applying for. 

University of Louisiana Monroe is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Graduate Assistant Application Form
GA Recommendation Letter/Form


Graduate Assistantship 
Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the ULM Graduate Catalog for more information about Graduate Assistantship requirements.



To be eligible for a graduate assistantship, applicants must be regularly admitted to a degree program. Students who are conditionally admitted are not eligible for assistantships unless their deficiencies are undergraduate prerequisites. Provisionally admitted and non-degree students are not eligible to apply for assistantships.

Applicants must have an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher.  Applicants with previous graduate coursework must have a graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Appointment Process

Students interested in applying for a graduate assistantship must submit an application form and three letters of recommendation to the department or program in which an assistantship is desired. Applications should not be made to the Graduate School.  Application review and interviews are completed by the hiring program/department.
Once a candidate is selected, a Graduate Assistant Request will be submitted to the director of the Graduate School for final approval. Once approval is granted by the Graduate School, an acceptance letter must be signed by the candidate. This letter outlines the responsibilities, type of assistantship, and compensation offered through the assistantship and must be returned to the Graduate School before the candidate begins work or any tuition waivers are applied. Some departments have specific requirements for their graduate assistants beyond the Graduate School minimums; each applicant should inquire with the hiring supervisor regarding additional requirements. Note: although the Graduate Assistant Application is often submitted with regular admissions materials, this is not a guarantee that an assistantship will be awarded. The graduate assistant appointment process is completely separate from the ULM Graduate School application process.


Reappointment is contingent upon two criteria: the graduate assistant making satisfactory academic progress, and satisfactory completion of work duties. Graduate assistants are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 and above, and must not earn more than one grade of C in their graduate coursework.

Required Course Load

Graduate assistants are expected to earn no fewer than nine semester hours of credit toward their graduate degree (12 hours for students in pharmacy) during a regular semester, at least six of which must be at the graduate level. 

During each summer term, May and winter intersessions, three semester hours of credit are required per term or per intersession.  Appropriate courses include:

1) Those which are required for the student’s graduate degree;
2) Those which have been identified as deficiencies/prerequisites and are included on the graduate student’s approved degree plan.

Work Load

All graduate assistant appointments include 20 hours of work per week under the direction of the student’s supervisor. Graduate assistants are not permitted to hold any other on-campus employment or second graduate assistantship.

During published student breaks, graduate assistants may not be asked to work. For unexpected University closures, graduate assistants will not be expected to make up time missed.


University graduate assistantships feature a base compensation package that includes a full tuition waiver and out-of-state fee waiver. Students are also awarded a base stipend of at least $3,000 per regular term, $1000 per summer term and a minimum of $800 for intersessions .

Graduate assistants are required to pay all student assessed fees including general fees, activity fees, ID validation fees, technology fees, vehicle registration fees, international student service fees, and insurance fees.

Graduate Assistant Orientation

All graduate assistants must complete the Graduate Assistant Orientation.  Orientation is made available to graduate assistants and is completed in an online format.


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