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Hiring Process for Graduate Assistants



GA Infographic


1.  Initiate a GA Request Form 

The hiring supervisor initiates a GA Request Form using the webform here:

GA Request Form 

Information that you will need prior to completeing the form includes the student's CWID, the budget code that will be used to fund the GA, the type of GA you are hiring, and a brief job description.

2.  Complete ACT 106 Compliance Forms for new Graduate Assistants

The hiring supervisor should download and provide the Researcher Background Information Form to new graduate assistants to complete.  Once completed, the supervisors should complete the Researcher Background Approval Form.

3. Approval of GA Request Form 

The Graduate School will notify the hiring supervisor when the GA Request Form has been approved 

4. EPAF Generated 

The hiring supervisor will submit an Electronic Payroll Action Form (EPAF). 

The EPAF is accessed via Banner self-serve under the payroll tab.  
Current hiring dates and deadlines for Spring 2024 are posted by payroll HERE.
EPAF guides for submission are located HERE.

5. Offer Letter Generated

The Graduate School will send a formal offer to the student with details of the stipend amount and other pertinent information. Any preliminary offers by the program/department, either written or verbal, are considered unofficial.

6. Acceptance Form to Graduate School

Students are required to return the Graduate Assistant Response Form which acknowledges the stipulations of the assistantship and accepts the formal offer. The response form is provided with the offer letter.

7. Waiver of Tuition and Fees sent to Student Accounts

Once the Graduate Assistant Response Form is received from the student, the Graduate School will notify student accounts that the student qualifies for a waiver of tuition (and fees where applicable beginning Fall 2024). 

8. Waiver applied

Student Account Services will apply the waiver.  Any portion not covered by the student's waiver should be paid by the student prior to the posted date for the drop for non-payment, or payment arrangements made through student accounts.

9. EPAF Approval

The Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) is approved by relevant supervisors, department heads, and budget heads as an internal University process. 

10. Complete New Hire Packet with Student

Supervisors should download and complete each item of the New Hire Packet with new graduate assistants.  The New Hire Packet can be found HERE.

11. Finalizes GA for Payroll

The EPAF must be fully approved prior to the designated payroll deadlines. Any new graduate assistants who are missing New Hire Packets will experience delays.  

12. Required Trainings and Orientation

Students are required to complete the online orientation for graduate assistants once per year and should complete the mandatory University trainings as required.  Renewal of graduate assistantships are contingent on the completion of all required trainings.

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