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Global Ambassadors are experienced students from a variety of backgrounds who have attended ULM for at least two semesters and serve as the face of the university for new international students. Global Ambassadors are committed to helping all international students adjust to life at ULM and in the United States, focusing on domestic culture, campus involvement, and student life.


Membership is open to any domestic or international undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at ULM for at least two semesters. Membership drives are held near the end of each Fall and Spring semester. Applications are reviewed by a committee of international education and student life experts. The committee consists of 50 percent membership outside of the International Student Office. Global Ambassadors does not discriminate based on race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or financial status.

Applicants to Global Ambassadors must meet the following requirements:  

For more information, please email Therese Filhiol (filhiol@ulm.edu).