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Important information as you prepare for your trip to ULM


Pre-Departure Checklist


 *Make at least 2 copies of all your documents and leave a copy for your parents or someone at your home country 

If you have any questions, contact us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ulmglobal) or email us at international@ulm.edu.


Flight Information

Monroe Regional Airport (MLU) located at 5400 Operations Road, Monroe, Louisiana 71203, telephone: 1-318-329-2461 is about 10 minutes from ULM, and you can request rides from the following:

a) ULM International Office Staff Contact International Student Services in advance via email at international@ulm.edu. Please include your itinerary so that your flight can be tracked for delays.

b) Uber or Lyft These service are available through their respective phone apps.


For your trip

The temperature during your flight will most likely be cool so we advise that you carry a sweater or jacket to keep you warm. At the peak of summer, the temperature will range from 27C (80F) to 40C (104F). It is best you layer your clothing so if it gets too hot, you can take your jacket or sweater off. Also, wear comfortable shoes for your flight as it will require connecting flights through major airports to get here.

In some airports, Wi-Fi is free while some have a charge so it is best you have all your documents printed out and signed ready for immigration or boarding crew. Carry your passport and other documents, as well as your money, well protected on you. DO NOT leave your bags unattended or help people you do not know with carrying their baggage through the airport.

Note--if you’re a picky eater, it would be advisable to buy snacks you are familiar with in the airport to avoid dehydration or hunger pangs. Some connecting times are longer than others, so stay on top of that to make sure you don’t go hungry or miss your flight. Be conscious of time differences between states and changes in boarding information. Check the airport for the updated information or time changes once the plane lands at your destination. That way you have enough time to eat, shop, and not miss your flight.

You can also bring a good book to read while waiting for flight, buses, etc. 


What to Bring

The climate in Monroe is relatively mild. During the summer, it is hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 27C (80F) to 40C (104F), and in winter between 10C (50F) to -7C (20F). Be prepared for both cold and hot weather. Students dress informally on campus. Both men and women often wear slacks, shorts, jeans, and t-shirts or shirts. 

Because medicine and eyeglasses are quite expensive in the U.S. you may want to bring a supply or a replacement pair with you. Carry with you any prescription medication you are currently using, but be sure to have the medical doctor's prescription in your possession should US Customs ask for it; have an English translation available. Fully charge your phone, carry a phone charger and also have important phone numbers on hand just in case you need to make emergency calls.

If your flight information changes, contact our office at (318)342-5225 or international@ulm.edu.

We are excited you are joining us, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!