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ULM TRIO programs take educational trip to New Orleans

Published November 29, 2023


CAPTION: ULM students, along with local high school students and ULM trio staff recently visited the campus of UNO and the Nims Center Studio Film Institute in Elmwood, La., near New Orleans.

MONROE, LA ULM TRIO Programs Student Support Services (SSS) and Educational Talent Search (ETS) took students on a field trip on November 9, 2023, to tour the campus of the University of New Orleans and the Nims Center Studio Film Institute in Elmwood, La. TRIO participants received information about UNO’s undergraduate and graduate school opportunities.  The students enjoyed lunch at The Galley, UNO’s dining hall, and a walking tour of the UNO campus before traveling to the Nims Center Studio.  

The Nims Center, a division of the University of New Orleans with over 100,000 square feet of office, stage, and support space all in one location, provides a creative environment for the making of feature films, network television productions, and streaming service productions. Their internship program provides UNO film students with an inside look at the film industry and opportunities for growth. 

Dr. Catherine Estis, Executive Director of TRIO Programs at ULM stated, “Louisiana’s film industry is growing, and we’d like to give our students an opportunity to learn more about it at the Nims Center, while also visiting UNO, a public research university in New Orleans, known for a number of notable alumni and faculty members.”  

Neville High School student and TRIO ETS participant Jayla Tate of Monroe said, “I thought that the NIMS Film Institute held lots of interesting information about the past and the present. One thing I found most intriguing were the garages that held real movie sets and the tour of the insides of them that came along with it. I would definitely return again in the future if I had the opportunity to.” 

“TRIO programs are funded by competitive federal grants, and we are privileged to host three programs at ULM: SSS, ETS, and CCAMPIS,” said Estis.  

Student Support Services, a college-level TRIO program that assists participants in transitioning from high school to college and beyond, offers a variety of services to help them navigate the college environment, stay in school, and earn their degree. For information about SSS, contact Dr. Mystee Burrell at (318) 342-1095, or visit https://www.ulm.edu/research/trio/sss_general_info.html 

TRIO Educational Talent Search serves selected high school students with activities which encourage them to succeed in high school, graduate, enroll in higher education, and earn a postsecondary credential. For more information about ETS, contact Mrs. Debbie Upshaw at (318) 342-1094, or visit https://www.ulm.edu/research/trio/talent_search.html 

TRIO CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents In School) assists student-parents with childcare costs so that they may find it easier to stay in school and finish their degrees. For more information about CCAMPIS, contact Ms. Tammy Anderson at (318) 342-1097, or visit https://www.ulm.edu/research/trio/ccampis.html