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Jessica McKee Griggs, mckee@ulm.edu
Student Advocate and Retention Coordinator for Online Programs

Hi there

We know that continuing your education can have its challenges, and we want to be there in the event you need help.  

As the Student Advocate and Retention Coordinator for ULM Online, I serve as a liaison for our students at a distance. It is my job to find solutions to any issues that you might encounter during your academic journey. I will be working with your instructors and advisors to ensure that when you enroll in courses you will have the tools and support to succeed. It is my job to promote student success and help you reach your goal of graduation.  We know that many of you live at a distance and cannot stop by campus, so please always remember that I am on campus for you when you can’t be.

This site contains links to resources and information you may need in getting started as ULM Online student as well as resources for continuing your degree program. Please note that the graduate degree programs and undergraduate degree programs differ in schedule, cost, advisement, and in other areas. Specific information is available on this site.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me at mckee@ulm.edu or by calling (318) 342-3118. I'm here to help.

Jessica McKee Griggs


Important Dates

Spring 2021

Last Day to drop a full-term course with a "W" grade: Mar. 23

Last Day to drop a 1st 8 week course with a "W" grade: Feb. 22

Last Day to drop a 2nd 8 week course with a "W" grade: Apr. 26

Regular August Graduation Application Period: Mar. 8- Apr. 26

Spring Break: Apr. 2-6

Commencement: May 15