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Office of Online Student Advocacy

Course Offerings

Online courses may be offered in 8-week sessions or full-term sessions depending on the degree program and course offerings. Please reach out to onlinedegrees@ulm.edu for more information about a specific degree program and course offerings. 

Undergraduate Student Schedule

Online sessions, for students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, run in approximately 8 week or full-term blocks through out the year with the exception of our courses in the summer. Generally the sessions will be as described in the graphic below. See the table below the chart for specific session dates.


See specific session dates below:

Sessions Fall
Full Term
1st 8 wks
2nd 8 wks
Winter Spring Full Term Spring 1st 8 weeks Spring 2nd 8 weeks Summer
Full Term
Sum 1
Sum 2
begin Aug 21 Aug 21 Oct 16 TBA Jan 11 Jan 11 Mar  9 May 30  May 30 July 5
end Dec 7 Oct 16 Dec 7 TBA May 11 Mar 9 May 11 July 31 June 29 July 31

-updated 3/16/23

*Winter and Spring 2024 to be posted in the Fall

Graduate Student Schedule

Students enrolled in an online graduate degree program follow ULM's traditional semester schedule. Generally the semester's are Fall & Spring, two summer sessions, along with short (& intensive) sessions in December & late spring. For information regarding these sessions and class availability see the Schedule of Classes.

The Schedule of Classes site includes links to the registration schedule, important dates, searchable course listings (banner) and more.

Online Tuition

Online is making it easier to calculate your education costs. The rate for students enrolled in an undergrad online degree program is $400.00 per credit hour. The rate for students enrolled in a graduate online degree program is $500.00 per credit hour. This rate includes mandated fees and tuition. No other university fees will be billed with the exception of course and professional program fees where appropriate.

When you register for classes, the course cost will automatically be added to your fee bill. Payments can conveniently be made online once the fee bill posts within 24 hours of registration.

The Semester Fees can be found here.

Students enrolled in online math or medical laboratory science courses will be required to schedule two proctored exams during the course in which they enrolled. Students may incur a fee depending on the proctoring method selected. Please visit our Proctoring page to find more information about this process.